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ITT: we say some slurs in order to separate ourselves from the wokescolds

Jewish nigger


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I say uyghur and faggot and retard but I also genuinely don't like saying most slurs because it's mean and doesn't accomplish anything, and saying them randomly without reason would just be me conforming to some herd


Slurs are leftist. Free speech is an important part of leftism.


It comes down to that you can doesn't mean you should. Here on leftychan it doesn't matter but I probably wouldn't say uyghur Infront of a black person out of respect unless they don't give a shit.


racial slurs are cringe

I prefer general slurs like "retard", "cocksucker", "motherfucker", "nazoid", etc.

that negroes themselves use those racial slurs is even more cringe - a sign they've been buckbroken


Man, I've said it before… and I feel like it's beyond being a banal observation by now, but how weird is it that "queer" is, like, an identity for straight women with dyed hair now? That used to be kind of a big one, and back then it basically meant every other group in LGBTQ except what "Q" refers to now, with emphasis on the G & the B. And I heard a guy say "bitch" on public radio the other day, I'm pretty sure, and he wasn't talking about dogs. And remember that moment in the early 2010s when "cunt" was supposed to be the absolute worst word in the world? Now we're back to almost nobody caring much about that one again, even though everyone still agrees it's pretty vulgar.

Gee whiz, and don't get me started on "poopoohead." Boy that one's had a rocky history.


And people responding by calling you cringe or not wanting to be compelled to say things they don't personally believe in is also free speech, free speech is a two way street. A lot of people forget that.
Honestly it's not really the word themselves, it's what's behind them. You know what I mean. I'm not gonna pretend someone is racist for saying uygha when listening to rap, but when someone has certain politics and REALLY is into saying certain shit, you can suss out what they're hiding inside. I am not even talking about slurs, you don't hear "evolutionist" used a lot outside of creationists a lot.



I will say that I prefer this explanation against the use of the n word rather than the OMG UR A HORRIBLE PERSON shit. The nuance helps a lot rather than some black and white woke argument


What is this autist's deal?
They make the exact same nonsense thread every week for years and years.


Because i'm tired of the self righteousness of being against slurs.


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I think it's one byproduct with how liberalism badly deals with racism, and that childish perception of racism gets adopted by conservatives or misguided moderates.
It ignores how racism affects material conditions and instead reduces it to just being just a few bad apples, just some naught boys. It's like a spiritual flaw, same way in how people blame homelessness on the individual hobo being a bad person and not the conditions they were put in, like the housing market, the healthcare system that doesn't treat his broken brain, or why he would be pushed to do drugs. He's just inherently flawed.
And like that, the uyghur word is bad because it's like some literal curse, the word itself is bad, and not because of the history and how it probably signals how you see your fellow man. So people equate saying rap lyrics on the same level as yelling slurs at a Klan rally.
I mean you probably won't like it if I refereed to you as stupidfuckingfaggotretard.
That's the best as I can explain it and why some people wouldn't say, even if they're "scumbag left"


Well, misandry and hebephobia are alot more instrinsic and go unnoticed but operate on the same MO as systemic racism.



The wost part is that saying you dont like slurs is always equated to beimg "snowflake."


Here's what you don't understand

A lot of people will say words like 'uyghur' of 'faggot' not because they hate blacks or gays.

Instead they do it to screen out sensitive, morally pretension faggots like you from their circles. They simply don't want to be around self-serious killjoys who live their life atop a fake and ghey moral hierarchy based on something as shallow and vapid as opinions


I understand that but thats kimda the problem.Theyre not being offensive but theyre kinda dumbing down mutual empathy by doing that.

Not everyone wants to be caled that even in camaradarie.

Not everything needs edgy humor to deal with daily affairs.

It gets annoying.

But ok of you think slurs should not be qiestioned, then kids should be allowed to talk to adults in surs in a casual friendly manner amd it shouldnt be punished.


Being offending on others behalf is a poor substitute for having a personality

Abstractly identifying with people you don't know isn't empathy. It's massaging your own prostate.


Language policing is the stupidest fucking thing ever. So is having preferred pronouns, expecting other people to change the way they speak is just pretentiousness.

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