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As we all know, Cancel Culture was never about making sure people are held accountable, it has always been a woke liberal idpol psyop. How do we defeat cancel culture? Cancel the cancelists?


>How do we defeat cancel culture?
By making it extremely difficult for employers to fire employees for anything other than work-related gross misconduct. That's the problem in burgerland (where cancel culture is most prevalent), employers can fire you without reason and not face investigation.


What filters was this image run through?

RE cancel culture… I don't know, I don't care very much. As it exists today, it's closely related to a lot of other shitty stuff: consumerist "fan" identity, the amount of discussion which happens on sites like twitter where the length of any thought is limited, the rise of "walled garden" social media stuff where people don't interact with the internet outside their dumb cliques, etc.

I don't know… make a lot of money and build some alternate internet infrastructure or sumt. Watch out for wreckers. Somethingsomethingsomething, but
>>148333 < this, actually, this is a good idea.
Actually, that's not just great for combatting cancel culture, that's great in general. They will literally make shit up to fire you before you'd be eligible for unemployment in parts of the US, it is dire.


>Muh cancel culture conspiracies
t. trigger huwite boi


Sir, you are not authorized to bait the local userbase. Your behavior will be reported.


Nothing to do here. People overplayed, and now they are tired of freedom. Also generation changes that has the same third world patterns and no one has interest to learn them all again.


Cancel culture is shit overblown by powerful rich people who get their feelings easily hurt by radlibs on twitter. The Desantis shit should've let you known that. It's an overblown issue that people eventually warp to demonize anyway who might eve disagree with. They label cancel culture not on just people who might "cancel" their career, but on fucking random powerless nobodies who disagree with them and just make fun of them.


>the university student has spoken


I have never gone to uni because I could never afford it
Only people who whine about cancel culture anymore are rich boomers like Bill Maher complaining to his white lib audience on TV



Alot of oir cancel culture is often just celebrities taking their spats onto social media and enticing plebians to agree with them. And if any other elite party says no, then they complain about being cancelled.

This. Most political phenomena is often rich people stuff.


Cancel culture as you describe never existed, you've been tricked into being a shield for some youtube groomer or twitter niche micro-celebrity. Stop being a news addict and cancel culture ceases to be a thing.


>youTube groomer
>niche Twitter micro celebrity

Lol, those things don't exist dumbass

<This is the level of discourse put out be the muhleft in 2023


>muh discourse
I've managed to kick my news addiction, so I'm perhaps not up to date on archetypes to make fun of this. I really don't see how any of this could possibly be useful–as would be the thread's core premise–like no one who isn't deeply news addicted is gonna be spurred to any useful praxis over a very astroturfed to begin with culture war that was close to it's expiration date before covid.


The left has no praxis beyond voting for whatever candidate the DNC puts in front of them, worming their way into education and media, and inventing problems where they don't exist.


Not unlike the right

The copium is string with you


Okay liberal go back to your newspaper lmao.


Sounds like projecting from a Biden voter

The difference being, the right doesn't make pretension claims about being part of a vanguard leading a revolutionary struggle, while in reality simply dishing out sophomore philosophy student takes to an insular band of other white losers


Again, the right is doing the same thing nowadays.

And alot of the right is gritfters dishing out halfass philosophy takes talking about restoring society back to tradition.


Elections are only once in a number of years and are correctly seen as smoke and mirrors by even the retardedest of news addicts, and spectacle is just that. What do you think people do once they get up from their computer in the morning? Do you even know how organizing works? Most of that shit has to happen before even getting the internet involved if at all.


File: 1699253025617.jpeg ( 10.17 KB , 225x225 , images (1).jpeg )


Any public personality is grifting something

Rather than calling someone a grifter as if it's a meaningful insult, it is better to ask what they are grifting for and to what degree it's somewhat honest or desirable


So you didn't vote for Biden?


No. Not everyone is in the US.


>the vril hyperborean past of 1970's USA


bruh, thats a strawman argument.

Alot of the right wing grifters sell PUA tactics or meat only diets.

Also it should be noted that back in 1970, it was legal to drive drunk, smoke amd drink while pregnant, and make porn movies with barely pubescent girls.


>Western leftists are just milquetoast 2020s liberals and numale Karens


>baby boomers/silemt gens are cool for allowing drinking and driving


File: 1699256733819.jpg ( 63.76 KB , 1200x720 , 5568.jpg )

This poster definitely wore the cuckmask throughout the coof psyop. Possibly still does


It's not so much that past generations were cool for allowing drunk driving

They were cool for not being faggy risk adverse mommas boys who are afraid of everything and play it safe at all times

I'm sure that's over your head though


yea yoire fefinitely trspped in that machismo cult mindest.

>"Real men ised to X back in the day"


Im startimg to think alot of these machismo posters are insecure failed mwn whom never grew out of prepubescent zeitgeist of superheroes.


I'm starting to think modern western leftism is the ideology of the PMC and tech workers


File: 1699309964230-0.jpg ( 778.87 KB , 850x1187 , sample_4c9ba15ce1fb1279b83….jpg )

File: 1699309964230-1.jpg ( 134.73 KB , 928x1308 , 0980d801c7fac5c2d436b0aa99….jpg )

nta but I've always wore a mask even before covid and I will continue after. I will not comprimise my outfit just to fein lower autism score for probable internet glowies, humans just look better when they aren't presenting thier soy hole to everyone 24/7. This obsession with leaving orifices exposed to eachother is either a fetish or a surveilance thing. most likly both.




I'm not pregnant and am over 20, and I take deeper breaths than most idly. If I get to the point where I have my caffine usage down enough to be a lesser risk I'll look into those fancy overenginnered masks that aim to fix this.


Lol, what a faggot


File: 1699315491371.png ( 25.14 KB , 646x731 , npcswheninapublicspace.png )

I remember a time when people actually allowed themselves to live instead of fearing something as simple as a mask subtracting an hour from their life.
You have no culture, you have no style other than that which is sold to you to bolster a consumer identity, if you have any spirituality it's some abrahamic cuck shit. Everything needs a warning label yet you want people to clap when you disobey a non-existant mandate because government wanted to be able to tell people it's "okay to take them off" a year or so later because they fear people that obscure their faces from surveilance and decrease their chances of the occasional cold. Masks aren't even legal in most places but they eased up to prop up the lie about there being a mandate so people would forget it was their own idea to wear it.
Maybe Foamy the Squirrel guy wasn't a smooth brain after all.


What the fuck are you talking about?


File: 1699316384372.jpg ( 85.15 KB , 850x920 , sample_ec71fd9cd2f69004b47….jpg )

Mouthcucks are ugly and should be ashamed of their indecent exposure of their slop receptical. All excuses for being a mouthcuck are either cope, cowardice or glow. People already wear such boring clothes these days but are finally wearing an accessory, this should be encouraged.


Cope uggo

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