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crown culling
kingdom kill off
tsar snuffing
tsar slaying
monarch massacre
regal redrum




That's a man.


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I like it when rightoids laugh and praise the murders of millions and millions of people for being poor or not white enough for the sake of profit and imperialism, yet get high and mighty when one shitty family got shot due to their shitty system encouraging their sheep to keep going if at least one of them was alive
Puyi had more brains than any of them combined


The tsar deserved everything he got


File: 1691574757801.png ( 29.79 KB , 905x238 , imagine being the richest ….png )






Everyone deserves everything they get


Horny bump


File: 1706389214330.mp4 ( 16.89 MB , 640x480 , saint juste on the terror ….mp4 )

Based bump.

btw wikipedos be like:
>In the years following his death, Nicholas was reviled by the common folk, the military, the revolutionaries, the state functionaries, the soldiers, the national minorities, the foreign investors, the official political parties, the intellectuals, the peasants, the workers, the fucking russian orthodox church inc. of all things, the czar guard & also Soviet historians and state propaganda as a "callous tyrant" who "persecuted his own people while sending countless soldiers to their deaths in pointless conflicts". Despite being viewed state-propagandized disgustingly more positively in recent years, the majority view among historians is that Nicholas was an well-intentioned unbelievably inhumane entitled cunt who nearly blew off every single fucking general-polizei murderer of people's protests as his own publicly available diary shows it yet poor ruler who proved incapable of handling the challenges facing his nation & instead of doing anything about the absolute state of the absolute state & also the population that has to live under it all our saint faggot nicquei the 2nd indulged in was shooting fucking stray cats & city crows while noting his score in this same fucking diary of imbeciliac degeneracy that is monarchism as a concept itself.

>the sisters were wearing over 1.3 kilograms of diamonds and precious gems sewn into their clothing, unlike the 6 year old girls who were systematically raped by the state bueraucrats, forced into alcohol dependency & then sold to local pimps who gave good time compensation to the providers of new meat that won't even survive 2 years of body & mind exploitaiton. Too bad you & the complying wives of these bastards weren't raped by the bayonets while still alive you deplorable hellspawn.

>The bodies were driven to nearby woodland, searched and burned. The remains were soaked in acid and finally thrown down a disused mineshaft. On the following day, other members of the Romanov family including Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, the empress's sister, who were being held in a school at Alapayevsk, were taken to another mine shaft and thrown in alive, except for Grand Duke Sergei Mikhailovich who was shot when he tried to resist.

TITOPILLED. Let them die in the source of their wealth, by the source of their wealth.

The Ipatiev House where all this terminally inbred family with centuries-long list of crimes got their 304 years-due lead poisoning just has to be the final joke from the history itself, because in Russian language the pronunciation of "Ipatievo" sounds like "Fuck him", "Yebat' ego". Fascistique assscorch is immeasurable.

another bonus:
The common folk despised the r*manovs so fucking hard that there was invented a popular myth about a polish noblecunt marina mniszech (that is still) going around. It says that when the czaroids sadistically (without breaking the neck) hanged her 3 year old son in the freezing cold for being a possible czar, she cursed @ them & screamed that with blood they [the r*manovs] started their reign, with blood they will end it. & it doesn't do any help that m*khail r*manov, the first serial serf-slaver of this family, was elected as czar while remaining in the Ipatiev monastery HOLY FUCKING KEK


I masturbate to Crown Cull porn. It is by far the thing that turns me on the most. I also hornytalk to men on fbi.gov, I pretend I'm either a Monarchist or a Constitutional Monarchist. I sometimes talk to Leftists/Commies specifically and call them Commies and dumb fucking Leftards as they tell me how much they want to persecute and execute me and all the Royal Families. I've also talked to other Monarchists/Constitutional Monarchists over VC and it makes me horny as fuck to jerk off as we both talk about how much we love dumb Commie Leftards and their huge Prole movements. I get off to it hard.
I masturbate at least 2-3 times a day.

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