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Why do people tend to shift right as they gain more life experience?


I'm pretty sure it's biological - the older you are the more of your neurons die


also, the more property you accumulate and the higher on the career ladder you climb


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Mental retardation.
Seriously, the less working neurons/cognitive power do you have, the more autistic seething you will generate @ any possibility of change in the world around you since you have less & less means to re-process your world picture @ every new phenomena arising. Even simple biology gives a pretty solid answer to this q.

It's also worthy to point out that the best way to maintain your cognitive health is to learn (theory) & try (praxis) new things. Brain too is a kind of a muscle.


This is the only actual answer itt so far, although I don't really trust the question.

Men tend to kill themselves a lot around middle age, and for poorer people, death rates from violence, disease, etc. tend to be higher. Age would already come with some general correlation with property accumulation and removal from the lower levels of the working class, but when you pair these factors with the additional factor of a ton of the less wealthy people dying off over time, you get numbers which will usually skew further rightward as more time passes. Fewer of the older people who would be discontent will live to be that old.

That said, this isn't set in stone, and you shouldn't mistake a statistical correlation between old age in the general population and right wing beliefs for "every old person is right wing." I've noticed that it seems like a lot of gen z'ers genuinely don't understand the difference.


The drug abuse finally caught up to him.


They correctly realize that the left is a complete grift while also being too old and cynical to actually do anything about it.


I like how they cheer for each other kek

>looking good, looking good


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the same energy


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punk has the lumpen anarchist aesthetic, so its not surprising.


File: 1691923992724.png ( 1.86 MB , 1320x884 , Crass_pete_steve_andy.png )

People don't understand punk politics:

When punk became a movement there were two major strands: Radical individualism and anarchist political activism.
The sex pistols fall into the former. What is considered the "real" punk movement would be more akin to the band crass of the time. Yeah it was lifestylist and idealistic but it was also collectivist and anti capitalist in nature.
People like to cherry pick faggot posers like Johnny rotten and the sex pistols but never mention the former


‒ V. Lenin, 1917


>every old person is right wing." I've noticed that it seems like a lot of gen z'ers genuinely don't understand the difference.

You mean thats what you millennials promote.
You millennials blame any faux pas on Gen Z or boomers


Right wing is not the same as conservative


There needs to be a word for the sort of faggotry which constantly refers back to shifting semantics in order to avoid having a concrete discussion about anything
<Haha, that's not what X means, even though it's commonly understood as such. X really means this thing that relevant to no one in the modern era…. Because I said so… And btw, it's liable to change if it suits my rhetorical ends…. Hahaha

<And as a double gotcha, I'll claim that X doesn't mean Y, strictly as a non sequitur counterpoint when no one made the claim it does

Vaushism, maybe


But its true.

Conservative is not the same as right wing.

Conservative is a placeholder term for whatever ideologue was in place prior to a recent ideologue.

Liberalism is the conservative ideology in the west.

Communism is the conservative ideologue in Eastern Europe.


They don't, but the ones that have enough expendable savings to play petbourg will lean right because they belive that will reduce their taxes (it doesn't.


How terrible would it be if western countries didn't have enough tax revenue to pay the salaries of agency staff, fund NATO, and subsidize Israel. /s

<did someone post the link to Leftychan on reddit?


Damn. In that case, Leftychan is populated by burger conservatives


I noticed it within the first hour of coming onto here.
How the hell did that happen?

We had rightist/liberal folks on LeftyPol but they werent obnoxious like that.

How long
Has this been
Going On

How loooong
Has this been

Going Oooonnn?


Midde age is often referred to as second puberty/adolescence for men.

Men in their thirties and forties are the worst.

If you think middle schoolers are bad, me in ther thirties and forties take the cake.


he said he was never an anarchist and that theory was all mind games for the 'middle-class', he even encouraged people to vote. So it's was all about aesthetics and attitude.


His handlers at the beginning were fashion designers influenced by Situationism so I dare say a large part of his leftist impulse was cultivated by them.


>We're better than other people because we have the right ideas and other people have wrong ideas


Because people tend to get wealthier as they get older and the right generally want lower taxes.


Right wingers dont want lower taxes for anyone except the rich.


Also its not true that everyone gets wealthier with age

we need to stop applying white anglo suburbia to everyone.

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