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Since, we have so many tourists, jannies (yuck), and refugees from leftypol, I'd like to get an answer to an honest question. How is pic related good in a social sense?

Before, you burst forth with a predictable and buzzword laden emotional response let me offer a few qualifying statements

>Inb4 muh just let people do what they want

Fuck off. People want to do all sorts of fucked up shit. I want to do all sorts of fucked up shit. Basic norms and rules naturally exist to guide people towards prosocial actions and guide them away from antisocial ones.

>Inb4 muh but why is it bad

Ok, whatever people want to do in private, so long as it's not really hurting anyone, I can more easily tolerate.

But creating a sustain social spectacle and trying to 'normalizing' living out such a mentally ill fantasy general tears at the bindings of society, making it impossible to function in a competitive manner within an evolving world system, thus harming the vast majority of the members of that society.

>Muh youre just triggered/obsessed

Honestly, when some already-faggy dude decides to try to make his way in the world as a trap, idgaf. Makes my life easier in many ways. Pic related is a bit of a special case where an attractive woman mutilates herself beyond recognition due to (still) unaddressed mental health issues. That counts as a net negative in my book.

That said, I kinda understand it in the FtM case. Trying to become a man is a bit like leveling up and moving to a higher difficulty level.

>Inb4 something something fash

You're a predictable hyperreality fag

Throwing the ball you're way. How is pic related good?


File: 1693163233052.jpg ( 285.1 KB , 3072x2048 , newpeacockspider.jpg )

Why should I give a shit about w*men mutilating themselves? I care more about the general well-being of animals than I do of w*men.

You should try investing all the energy you put into seething about troons into environmental conservation. Bugs are based as fuck and humans are destroying their natural habitat. It's awful.


>incel gives opinion
<didn't read don't care
You belong in a labor and reeducation camp though


>tldr: bluepilloid got his panties in a twist over a w*man cutting her tits off
she wouldn't let you touch them either way lol


based bugcel


File: 1693192417988.png ( 159.11 KB , 474x266 , ClipboardImage.png )

>implying I haven't been here the whole time
lol delusional, leftychan was never your personal echo chamber
>How is pic related good in a social sense?
It better enables that person to want to live in society, making them more productive and improving their quality of life. Current alternative treatments don't achieve that.
the state of spectaclefags


Sodomites are terrorists.


You need to stop spamming dude you aren't being funny or convincing.


File: 1693201906270.jpg ( 607.61 KB , 1080x2040 , Screenshot_2023-08-28-12-4….jpg )

>Let's arrange all of society so that mentally ill people kill themselves at a marginally lower rate without worrying about second order consequences or addressing the root cause of such mental health issues
Get pegged, fag



Just because you put "inb4" in your OP doesn't mean you make a convincing counter-argument.
Like, yeah. You are obsessed. I'm not even saying that as a "gotcha," look at what you're doing. Look at the stuff you care about. You can't give an actual reason why this matters, just some vague "I'm offended by it when lady chop off booby, so society should be offended too" stuff. It's goofy. Reconsider.

>But creating a sustain social spectacle and trying to 'normalizing' living out such a mentally ill fantasy

And this is just attacking a strawman. Average transgender people didn't create the manufactured media buzz around trans issues. It was a cynical ploy to sell papers with a manufactured culture war; and you're falling for it right now. 20 years ago it was between doctors and patients, and that's the way it should be. Getting surgery isn't a political statement. It's none of my business, and it's none of yours.

This is a national discussion from the 1950s (that's not an exaggeration, this was literally litigated already in the 1950s) which is being dredged back up because they need to keep people talking about idpol as much as possible.


Ya, like I said. Ordinary trans people are cool, and I wouldn't go out of my way to belittle them. But hysterical fags the parade their mental illness on social media deserve ridicule

<Ordinary trans person on social media

>Gym pics, food pics, animal pics normal stuff
<Weirdo fags on social media
>Haha, I'm in the women's bathroom.
>Haha, check out the op scars

Like you said, if it's someone's personal issue that they maybe discuss with a physician, I wouldn't give it a second thought.

Lastly, get pegged, fag


He's evangelising, his logic isnt beholden to anybody. 'Shitposting' is a long Christian tradition.


As a cishet man myself, I think masectomy is kinda based amd should be normalized for cisgender women.

Alot of women get fed up with being sexualized for their breasts.
And breasts are bad for your back.

Why couldnt God just make women have puffy nipples instead?


The universe is actually hostile to your existence. Doesn't care about it and is actively trying to kill you. Also there is no god.


I think all bilogical forms have too fragile/inefficient bodies.

I disgaree with being no God.

I think the Christians got God all wrong.


File: 1700523016743.png ( 13.84 KB , 400x400 , 1700522976491.png )

>I think Christians got God all wrong
Jason Unruhe tier cringe


File: 1700528276476.png ( 48.72 KB , 512x512 , saluteCat.png )

You are just triggered/obsessed tho

Just stop being a news addict and stop wasting 2/3rds you phone's battery life having TiKTok mine crypto in the background.


left image makes your dick hard, right image does not.
All that empty dribble about societal rules is just cope.

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