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Sports are reactionary. Especially Soccer (football) or American Football. Also golf as its primarily played by bourgeois.




One of the dumbest takes i've heard in a long time. Thanks.


bourgeois like golf because its chill and old fucks dont need to tackle eachother and run marathons


Based. Golfers are some of the most subhuman beings on earth

Football is proletarian though


All spectator sports are for mouth breathing cucks


There are only three sports: car racing, mountain climbing, and bull fighting. Everything else is a game.


sports are based outlets for friendly competition and displays of patriotism between allied countries. it also bridges divides like language and etiquette as a self contained affair. OP is a troon who wasn't allowed on the women's basketball team or a 4in circumference wristlet incel misanthrope closeted faggot.


non team sports are a little ghey doe unless effort is taken to make it virtually a team sport least gay is probably track with most being cycling which requires a lot of capital or a sponsorship. They are capable of being based but they are held back by capitalism


sports is how disputes will be settled instead of warfare under socialism




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2/3 of this post is shit takes



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Sports is one of those tings that really sits outside the realm of capitalism. It's influenced by it, obviously……so obviously….under the current state of things, but, sports is supposed to be a means to show off and identify the highest portions and forms of the human body. It really is an art and is supposed to be treated as such and it's only because of capitalism that it has become so perverted and coomer pilled.




Professional ballsports are abysmal.

Ballsports in general though due create a toxic environment.

Its just a couple dozen humans chasing a ball like rabid dogs.

Ballsports are a primary source of bullying.
Boys whom are not good at them are viewed as low-T.

Hell, ballsports are assumed to be the only proper way to express masculine exuberance.


spectators are the worst. Violent riots when their teams loses or switches out players.

And they think video games are regressive

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