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will towns where only pedophiles live exist under socialism?


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Probably not, only Christcuck burgers virtue signal about pedophilia this hard while having kids getting bonked non-stop throughout their churches and by police.
Also pedophilia is grossly misunderstood by burgers because they have an absolutely destroyed sexuality from generations of Puritan sexual mores.
Half of all pedos are not attracted to children and so it because they have a personality disorder that drives them to hurt children, and the most effective way to do that is to molest them. Meanwhile half of all pedos that are attracted to children have not offended. They can't seek help because burgers love to crucify them to get attaboys from other burgers that don't actually care about protecting children.
Marginalizing sex offenders like this just makes the problem worse, and the staggeringly high rates of pedophilia in burgerland reflect this.
Let's not forget the extreme low bar for sexual offense is in the US. Simply urinating in public can get you put on the sex offender registry.


>Has never travelled


What's the alternative? You want to execute anyone remotely accused of being a pedophile? It's called freedom of association.


holy false dichotomy batman!

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