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Holy kek. I love the great replacement now


Remind me, why do conservatives hate muslims again? Is it because muslims actually manage to conserve shit?


Is that even legal? That seems like it would be a first amendment issue.


Actually, it's unconstitutional for the government to endorse religions such as the gender ideology cult.


Allowing people to fly a flag isn't endorsement.


Read better


I mean you're just gonna write retarded shit anyway, so why bother?


How's life?


Lol all Abrahamic religions at retarded. They need to put their foot down and tell those Muslims they can't violate other people's civil rights because their sky daddy told them to.


Go back, orgfag


Maybe not because they didn't block the flat all together, just it being displayed on gov property.
That's okay, next time they want a prayer room at a public school or something we can tell them to kick rocks
Haha ogres are the Christcucks. Anyone that's read a lick of theory doesn't buy into these desert fairy tales.
How is putting my penis in another dude a religion. It's spooked religious people like that believe it's wrong.


Yeah, it's probably legal then.


Normal gay men don't like troons either


Who said anything about troons. Sounds like projection anon.


File: 1694978736254.png ( Spoiler Image, 258.35 KB , 2400x1100 , 1692305374057.png )

What's wrong with displaying pride flags?
why does this make incel retards seethe so hard?
What about letting people be themselves makes you filled with so much rage?



>religion is when people don't sleep with who I want them to



We get it. Pasquale and the rest of the faggot mods over at .org has made that place usable. But we don't want your trash opinions and political here. Reddit would be a place where you're more accepted and welcome


Religion is when you think people have a woman's soul in a men's body, or that the brain isn't part of the body. You have a disorder, and it's not valid


Awww, the magic shifting goalposts.
>When the enemy attacks, we retreat. When the enemy retreats, we pursue.
The only problem is that Mao also (rightly) persecuted weirdo bourgeois sex and identity obsessed flaneurs


File: 1694993546647.mp4 ( 2.16 MB , 1920x1080 , They ∕ Them Live.mp4 )

Anyone who screeches over the rainbow flag and le elgeebeeteecue is a retard. And anyone who pretends that this board wasn't always critical of their whining since its birth is deluding themselves.
However I will say, the 'progress' variant is symbolically regressive and vexillogically shitty. It's not a big deal but it sucks.

>siding with muslims to own the libs
le epic humour sir


Socialists in general are not religious. Fuck the Bible and Koran. Yes the pride flag should be flown because the government should be secular.


There's nothing weird about being gay or trans. It literally has nothing to do with you. Your and Mao's fear of the LGBT ie animated by retarded apooks that I will not.be allowing to haunt me.


nice bait


Not bait christcuck, the overwhelming majority of socialists are atheists.


LGBTQPF+ is a cult


>'I'm totally not disturbed by your bigotry'
>Goes on to samefag, making this thread smell like a mix of ballsweat, shit, and cheetohs


Maybe ghey western socialists who de facto act as towel boys for Clinton-Obama-Bush-Romney wing of the uniparty


>if you're gay, something I have been told is bad, you're in a cult, and any disagreement with this dogma I have been fed is unacceptable


Based third-worlders


>Strawmanning and moving the goalposts to a defensive position.

I could care less if someone is gay. And I've never said anything about gay people.

Normal homos hate troons too, especially since you smelly circus freaks hijacked their movement/identity.

Moving into other people's spaces, whether it by Pride parades or women's bathrooms, seems to be your schtick. And then when normal people don't like it, you have the bourgeois state on your side.

<Imagine being such a failure at manhood that you give up and start calling yourself a girl


All this bullshit reeks of divide-and-conquer tactics.
No, most gay guys don't hate trans people, you twitter-brained mongoloid. Until very recently, the only people who just hated transhumanists were flaming homophobes - and they said exactly the same shit about gay guys back in the day that they do about transhumanists now!

This is nothing but Christcucks regrouping after their gay marriage loss and the media giving them an easy target by making trans people, an even smaller minority than gays, into the new culture war distraction decades after trans people already got most of their rights. Unironically, in the '90s and '00s, the only reason anybody hated transhumanists was because they thought they were gay men trying to trick straight guys, and now that it's unpopular to openly be that freaked out by gay men, they pick a smaller target and try to isolate them and turn others against them. No, most gay men don't hate transhumanists, but there are people who want you to think that most gay men do.


Wow, you edit these posts?
Amazing. Fantastic.


File: 1695023481250.jpg ( 174.25 KB , 1080x1385 , 20230918_143240.jpg )

Nope. The first person who every told me about troons was a gay man. This was during the 90s. 'Theyre not us,' he said. He also said you have no place at Pride. Low and behold, you've managed to worm your way in, thanks in large part to support from Capital.

Try harder, circus freak


File: 1695024236527.png ( 106.25 KB , 370x250 , pearlclutching.png )

>shit that never happened

There's always been a ton of overlap, and transsexuals were part of pride before the '90s. Inevitably, a decent amount of drag queens turned out to be trans, too, and drag shows have been a fixture of gay bars forever. You're transparently full of shit, you don't know what you're talking about, and you are so ignorant that you can't even imagine a token gay man who agrees with you without making him sound as retarded as you are.


Nope. troons insert themselves into places they're not wanted, like lesbian dating apps and women's sports.

Drag was an occasional fun passtime for gay men. Troons ruined that do by turning it into a means the creep on children

You guys stink up everything with your crusty axe holes.


<shit that never happened
Let's play a game. I'll list a few scenarios and you put them in order from most to least likely to be true

A) A guy man in the 90s thought that mentally ill dudes in women's clothes were mentally ill dudes in women's clothes. He also voices the opinion to those close to him
B) You'll pass after you're 24
C) After you kys, your parents put your real name on your tombstone


lmao imagine being so obsessed with trans people that you save pictures of them just to attach to whining posts
critical support for online containment spaces


You will never have sex with a real woman


Most people don't care about gay people I'm sorry to inform you.

I'm pretty sure this is literally just one guy spamming this bullshit.

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