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Are some forms of eugenics leftist? Like as in preventing people from being born with severe intellectual disabilities or terminal illnesses through voluntary abortions or use of contraceptives during sex to prevent the passage of ones own genes or through the use of genetic modifications?




Those aren't leftist, no.
Are they good? That can be argued, but they aren't leftist. Is salad leftist?


No because salad is gross


That's right I was testing you.


no anon. encouraging stupid, unhealthy people to breed like rabbits is leftist


Explains Shay's ideology, Alabama is ripe for socialist revolution.
sorry Shay if ur reading this xDDDDD


Half of the posts on this chan is people posting some right wing agitrop and saying it's leftist
Anything vaguely leftist is soy and transhumanist


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>>149656 (OP)
yes it is inevitable the weak must be left behind, it is what is best for the tribe


Damn. I guess you should go back to . ogre where true leftism is still the only thing posted


Leftists literally outsourcing their thinking to a LLM script


That's newgene's gimmick I think. Other than that no, eurenics is founded on a non-materialist understanding of genetics and serves no purpose to a society that uses tools.


Don't you have a sophomore history class to do homework for?


Great to see the faggot mods are doing some about the constant AI spam content.

God knows that walls of DALL-E images of waifus is what will move the left forward


You're more than welcome get off your ass join the matrix and put in work with the rest of us (understaffed as we might be) and stop being a worthless crying little faggot.


Yes, the less wageslaves we have to toil for capitalism the better. Especially so for ones with severe disabilities whose desperation coerces them more easily into labor and makes them less capable of organizing.


I forgot which one's gimmick that is, S-poster?


yea. we should also have mandatory screening for family planning.

People with intrllectual/neurocognitive disabilities should not be allowed to pass off their genes.


ogre is running on copium as usual

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