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ITT we laugh at this loser vaxx cattle with an opinion

>Hello [Ghey] Wolves,

>This is definitely the most difficult thing we’ve ever had to put out through the show. Last Tuesday morning, Matt Christman suffered a sudden, severe medical emergency that will require a significant period of recovery. He is currently in the hospital in stable condition. We are trying very hard to be optimistic, but there’s no easy way to say that he will be out of commission for the indefinite future.

>As many of you are aware, Matt and his wife Amber Rollo are also expecting their first child, a daughter, and her delivery is scheduled this Sunday as well. We are all so, so excited and happy to welcome a new little Christman into the world, and we were looking forward to announcing this under better circumstances. But this situation is obviously drastically complicated by Matt’s medical emergency.

No refunds


File: 1695490752664.jpg ( 476.79 KB , 1080x1644 , Screenshot_2023-09-24-00-3….jpg )

Dorks. The absolute state of the left


Fuck you man. ChapoTrapHouse was literally the vanguard of the working class in 2016. You don't even understand how much momentum Bernie had thanks to them.


Chill out man. Don't want that myocarditis to flare up


At this rate, everyone I've ever heard of will die before I get to. Suxx.


Man this site sucks


Kek, if this was ogre I'd assume this was honest, but here I can tell you're trolling

cocaine + covid """vaccines""" are a match made in hell to give people heart attacks. If he doesn't die now then I hope he's at least comatose, or gets a nurse who keeps him boosted and gives him some EOL care


God forbid you fags post something interesting. But you can definitely be counted on to bitch and whine.




Vaxxines work retard and you are al fools of the highest caliber




They're working on Matt right now


well you didn't get vaxx'd either and yet you're pretty god damn stupid, too.


>You're stupid
Quality retort, comrade DK


I'm also not a fat 30-something year old on (capitalist) life support. So I guess we're even


File: 1695715574173.jpg ( 445.98 KB , 1080x1020 , Screenshot_2023-09-26-15-0….jpg )



Lol if you can dish it out you gotta take it, man.

This is some ultra left shit.
Why does it matter>? Chapo is basically dead now anyways because they rode bernies cock to hard.


I heard he had a stroke while trying to suck his own dick. Can anyone verify if this is true?


>Why does it matter>? Chapo is basically dead now anyways because they rode bernies cock to hard.

What? They have tons of listeners. This is a weird take.


File: 1695741097150.jpg ( 12.8 KB , 300x342 , aaah real monsters.jpg )

Yeah it's true. He probably wouldn't want me to tell you this, but he asked me to spot him while he did it. I went to the other room to get some fritos and when I came back I knew something was wrong. Fwiw, I thought he wouldn't make it but he was balls deep in his own mouth… if you can envision a man that fat with his dick all the way in his mouth, you're a more imaginative man than I because I never expected him to actually do it. It actually took a moment to even figure out what I was looking at, because I've never really seen anything that approached it… the closest thing was picrel.

There was this look of sheer terror in his glazed-over eyes, I don't think any face I've ever seen has approached it. It was as though he was beset upon by some eldritch malevolence from the dark pits of eternity, and at once it was like he had stared straight into the unmasked face of the divine and been washed beyond recognition in its burning, purifying light. If Matt Christman survives going balls-deep in his own mouth and stuffing his pudgy penis into his fat, gaping face like a turkey on Thanksgiving, it will be nothing short of a Christman miracle.


SJWs always lie


social justice is leftist


Social justice is the cooption of leftism by weak wristed fags, ugly women, and banks


>it's not social justice when I swing to hard in the other direction.


Compared to 2020 they lost a lot of listeners.


Yeah, that's relative though. Who's bigger? Hasan Piker? Vaush, maybe? Even just Matt's rants alone get 20k+ listens at this point, the actual episodes seem to average around 90k per episode just on soundcloud - are we doing those kinds of numbers? Wouldn't we want to?


>it's not social justice when I swing to hard in the other direction.
Marxism is economic egalitarianism.
Wokism is social egalitarianism.


Hasna needs to fix his gyno


File: 1695809981194.jpg ( 283.3 KB , 1080x1230 , Screenshot_2023-09-27-17-1….jpg )

Wtf. I love Fauci now


Why did so many leftists fall for the scamedemic? Your whole thing is fighting against billionaires and corporations. But then billionaires and corporations tell you to take an experimental gene therapy for a virus with a 99% survival rate you all line up like sheep.


because they're libs pretending to be leftists. genuine communist marxists saw through the bullshit


To be fair, 2/3 to 3/4 of self proclaimed Marxists were so psyoped by the coof. Only a small minority actually saw through the bullshit, and they were most smaller micro sects

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