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"We need an imageboard of action to fight for OC making posters."
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File: 1695749350811.jpg ( 291.71 KB , 1080x1353 , Screenshot_2023-09-27-00-0….jpg )


Ummmm… based


>Kill someone for pointing out that I'm a mob boss.
Not based.


You will never be a real communist


File: 1695754028896-0.png ( 1.31 MB , 1500x844 , trump epstein3.png )

File: 1695754028896-1.jpg ( 1.11 MB , 4188x3501 , trump epstein2.jpg )

File: 1695754028896-2.jpg ( 164.18 KB , 1200x800 , trump epstein.jpg )

libs dont know it yet but this is peak gommunism xDDDD


Trump was based for being friends with Epstein. Only bluepilled simp cucks want hags.


youre welcome to take your faggotry back to .org


File: 1695754883326.png ( 201.48 KB , 863x730 , Screenshot_20230926-195907.png )

>Trump was based for being friends with Epstein
Lol he actually called it




>Everyone incel is one poster.
Cope simp


Mao and Castro both approve


Hey, why don't you do that since you can't stfu recommending them?
Honestly, cut it out with your faggoty factionalism. If anything, we need more users over here, not less. Ffs /leftypol/ circa 2017 had less factionalism per capita, and it had way more people on it. This is the better heir, and if you like .org so much that you'd recommend them, then you go.


>their sexuality defines their politics
Lifestylist liberalism. Lenin was a nudist and was once in a poly threeway relationship, are we gonna discount his work too?


You dumb monkey

Half the posts on this dead board are from me

Try posting something instead of crying


Are you that anon that lashes out with sociopathic reactionary posts everytime posting dies down?


That's exactly what I'm saying, dumbass. Half the posts on this board are your faggoty ass telling people to go to a worse site. Think about that.


Are you the anon that simps about feminism and human rights while living in squalor?


Aw yes. I'm here driving traffic from this dead board to leftypol. Amazing analysis, comrade Dunning Kruger

Perhaps if you could actually do something besides smoking weed, this board would have an uptick of traffic when I'm not here. That hasn't happened so far.


>had way more people on it
Stuff happens, people move on. Like this guy: https://www.youtube.com/@AntonioWolfphilosophy/


File: 1695757831162.png ( 955.52 KB , 1024x3072 , He_calls_you_a_nazoid.png )

lol this was before I even knew he was a pedo
dial 8


Lmao Rosa Luxemburg's legacy


>Aw yes. I'm here driving traffic from this dead board to leftypol. Amazing analysis,

M8 you're literally telling every other person to go over to .org. I'm being generous by calling you a retard.


Every time /leftypol/ has lost traffic, it's been from bad moderation and factional shit. OG BO's breakdown? People left. 8ch dies? People left. Bunkerchan owner gets stabbed in the back? People left. I'd rather the people who are leaving .org because of the insanely petty mods come over here than go nowhere at all or go back to 4chan or disc or something - most people don't do philosophy YT channels, this is one guy. It's nice that he's doing this, but I wouldn't even know about it if you hadn't linked it just now.


File: 1695758427242.png ( 52.63 KB , 247x370 , 1695758418526.png )



Fuck .ogre


>Honestly, cut it out with your faggoty factionalism.
Why should I compromise on my principles for some abstract "unity" faggot.

"Unity" is a dogwhistle for modocracy.


you're quoting the wrong anon, dumbfuck red-brown conspiratard zygoid

>Rosa Luxemburg's legacy
Unironically yes. It speaks volumes that Lenin's spawn are all fucking nazoid spergs, while Rosa has such an intelligent person as me as her follower.


>It speaks volumes that Lenin's spawn are all fucking nazoid spergs, while Rosa has such an intelligent person as me as her follower.
Anon whatever you do, don't look up what Rosa Luxemburg thought about Ukraine…


>my principles are constantly telling other users who disagree with me to go to .org, a site with some of the worst, most incompetent powertripping mods in imageboard history
>thinking it's stupid to do this sort of thing is modocracy


File: 1695773280330.jpg ( 821.6 KB , 1440x607 , ack.jpg )

>quoting the wrong anon
<yes I type like a tourette's addled fag
<yes I love Rosa
<yes my identity is "can't have sex"
<yes I'm a ukrop
no I don't think I am PEDO


yes, dumbfuck, I know, and I agree with her - every nazoid special snowflake little culture with ugly costumes should be ANNIHILATED

You know that Rammstein song "We're all living in America"? That's my goal. One Planet. One Culture. Dominating. While little nazoids scream AHAHAHA.


Same person btw


maybe the real ukrop schizoid was inside each and every one of us all along


File: 1695773776968.jpeg ( 49.21 KB , 474x670 , loli.jpeg )

>yes my identity is "can't have sex"
it's not my "identity", dumbfuck


>yes I'm a ukrop

I'm not an ukrop, I just want WW3

I'm actually glad that Russkia invaded.
As Lening said "It would be a useful trick for a revolution".

>no I don't think I am PEDO

yes, I don't think I'm a pedo, because I hate real kids

I'm animesexual.


>material condition
lol you can't fake not being an autist for 3-4 dates? How ugly are you?


Guys like that exude a vibe that women pick up on. It's not that he's an autist. He's a bitter loser raised by women. He's likely been brow beaten by them his whole early life.

The pathetic part is he never was able to change his own fate, to escape the cycle. Rather than commanding his own direction in life and overcoming his upbringing, he succumbed to it. Real faggot shit.

We've already had this conversation months ago as well. He exhibits signs of narcissistic feeling of victimhood. There's research out there on such a common pattern amount incels. He's not unique. But he does have a pussy repellent attitude seeping through his pores.

In Rome, he would have be banished in adulthood or left to die on a hillside in infancy.


No, I can't change my bone structure.

Personality doesn't matter for sexual attraction. Blackpill proved it.


just fuck a 2 and get some social skills and self esteem then you can be more competitive and go for 4+ and so on. ugly bastards get laid all the time


This dude will try to find any excuse

That's why he's a failure at everything

Right now, there is a paraplegic guy fucking some hoe. There is a homeless man getting his dick sucked somewhere in the world. There are short bald guys in their 30s and 40s banging girls 20 year olds

But this faggot is here complaining about his bone structure

What a loser


Inb4 the fag is back with some rationale for why he can't/won't (and how he's somehow superior for it)

Textbook narcissism


File: 1695778257808-0.jpg ( 82.71 KB , 686x842 , 20230927_081714.jpg )

File: 1695778257808-1.jpg ( 98.61 KB , 554x1199 , 20230927_081716.jpg )



How old are you. Virgin gf is definitely an option if you can still go to uni. Too old? slim pickings but you could also join a church and they will 100 percent set you up. I faked being a Mormon for a year and it did me wonders. Bitches love family home evening ticket to ride




My gf was a virgin when we started dating. Smashed on the 2nd date. I'm 10+ years older than her.

>The only people who will angry about this are low status young men and older women

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