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Is Elon our Stalin?


Elon is our Elon (read: faggoty booj).


Elon: based
You: Fake and ghey


How the fuck is Elon based? I can't believe you like him.


How the fuck do you always rely on abstractions to understand the world. Real shallow breathing type of thinking, absolute 0 critical thinking. Just a cookie cutter understanding of the world.

To answer your question, Elon is one of the few 'booj' who is still engaged in advancing technology forward towards progressive ends, not just looking for ways to skim surplus via rents, who is standing against rampant corporate-state censorship.

You, on the other hand, stand on the sideline and offer unoriginal and worm out 'critiques' which barely even capture the contours of the modern world, a regression of thinking from every notable Marxist in history.

That is why Elon is based and you are fake and ghey


Elon cries on twitter all day, he doesn't do anything dude. He employs. Workers do.


>He cries online and doesn't do anything
Holy projection, Batman


File: 1695954708606.jpg ( 64.51 KB , 827x839 , F4Pyj9qXIAAO4hl.jpg )

He hasn't done anything to benefit people, how could he have being an incurable retard? Idk why you're pretending otherwise.
Maybe you should go write him a letter about how you'd like to fondle his balls instead of posting about it here,


File: 1695954938918.jpeg ( 156.61 KB , 600x580 , muskie.jpeg )

Remember that time he called a british rescue diver a pedo…


Remember that time you did… anything noteworthy


Kek, get friends


That's your come back?


File: 1701528657924.jpg ( 152.84 KB , 1179x1328 , 20231202_214749.jpg )

This was supposed to be a big own against Elon and X by a supposed 'progressive'
>Hahaha the corporations I pretend to hate stopped advertising their cultural rot on your platform hahaha


Maybe Stalin was their Elon?

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