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Hot take: you can't call yourself a revolutionary Marxist if you're fat and out of shape


Hotter take: Socialists hate fitness because you need to do the work yourself to get the reward, you can't just steal the gains of somebody else's work. This post got me banned from .orge


What? The revolution isn't going to need an IT guy?


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Not even a hot take. Just a truism. Unfortunately, western Marxism is sold on being dysgenic. Actual socialist states, such as the Soviet Union during it's heyday, practiced a sort of frenzy towards fitness that would put Nazi Germany to shame


>They're not starving they're just super fit
My sweet summer child.


Weak response. That's a photo of gym teachers btw

My bad their not bull dykes and beergut homos like in Amerikwa


>That's a photo of gym teachers btw
And I can see their ribs because they're starving.


post a pic of your hand then. hamplanet faggot


You are obviously an American and have been conditioned to believe that anything under 15% body fat is starving


Does seeing men in peak shape trigger you fatty?


Do yourself a favor and alleviate your Dunning Kruger syndrome by Googling 'serratus anterior'


How about no you corporate shill. Throwing science words around doesn't change the fact that those men are malnourished not fit and you had a meltdown because somebody pointed it out and now you can't unsee it.


Have another hotdog, Jeff


>doesn't know what fitness looks like without male-troonism aka steroids abuse

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