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"We need an imageboard of action to fight for OC making posters."
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Anarcho-tyranny's silver lining


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Also this


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>using imageboards to retweet National Conservative


>who cares if it's true, somebody i've been programmed to hate tweeted it therefor it must be dismissed


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is she Cuban?


What exactly is it that you're saying is true?
What's the implication supposed to be?
Billingsley wasn't in prison on a murder charge. Is the point supposed to be that nobody should ever be released from prison? That's retarded.

Is the point supposed to be that repeat offenders exist? Nobody ever denied that.
In this case, it's not even a repeat offense in the traditional sense, though - this is the first time this guy has ever been a murder suspect. This is considerably less lenient treatment than Willie Horton received in the 1980s. It's not anarchy to not hold every prisoner indefinitely.

It's nice that this dude got out of prison and immediately decided to kill his first person and that person happened to be a CEO, but other than that there's no good point being made here. I agree that the guy is based, but other than that there is no point.


>It's the same 3 /pol/ faggots posting their racist hate again.
You'd honestly have better luck here


Idk, some newfag libertarian just showed up. I'm more of a futurist/vitalist.

Newfag seems to think the solution is just to go back in time when capitalism was ok. I'm not under any delusion that that's possible, and instead postulate that capitalism has already been outmoded by a managerial-technocracy. The solution, I'd suppose, is simple a better form of managerial-technocracy that closer approximates what you fags call socialism (minus the dysgenic woo woo social justice nonsense).


so you think seeing extremely poor people isn't dysgnic ?


Does this make sense to anyone?


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Seems like a chud thread. Very soy, very chud.


Pasquale is waiting for you to service his girldick

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