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Teen suicides were at their lowest when you could call people uyghurs and faggots online, before there were trigger warning and dorks/women started using an asterisk in words they disliked.

'Compassionate' PC language policing has made us fragile, weak, and depressed


You notice two things happening at the same time and you assume one led to the other. That's pretty naive thinking tbqh. I think something more tangeable has to change in society to drive up suicides.


obama got elected?


>started rising when smartphones and internet culture became mainstream


4chan started in 2003, teen suicides fall off a cliff in 1998 with the decline starting a the way back in 1994 dumbass.


>never used a message board or had an xbox


All you guys are so stupid.

No, language policing and Internet cukture didnt make us weak.

The real reason is that society is abolishing yoing people from havijg autonomous lives.

Society is too morally obsessed with youth.
Anytime a child makes a mistake or has a vice, adults pathologize them.

Kids are banned from an activity for the slightest mishap.

Adults think kids having ay worldly exposure is bad because "muh innocence."

Even without suicide, alot of people in their twenties and thorties are depressed due to not living up to their own expectations of living up their prime.

Society oversells the myth of "innocence and adventure."

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