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Reminder that if you are dating/fucking someone significantly younger than you, you are a pedophile. You should be following the notion of half your age + 7. Meaning that if you are 34, If you date anyone under the age of 24 you are a pedophile, yes even if the person is 18 or older.


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>itt: slave morality


I'll date whoever the fuck I want. The person I won't date is your mom, because she's the town bike and there's no challenge in throwing a hotdog down a hallway.


More like a whale swallowing a tictac


It's a race, and I'm winning every time. Later, virgins.


>I'll date whoever the fuck I want
kek maybe in your dating sims




I know this is bait, but it legitimately bugs me that there are people who actually think this. Pedophilia isn't wrong because of an age gap, it's not decided based on arbitrary regional age of majority - even age of consent is not the determiner for what is or isn't pedophilia. These are legal conventions which have ethical significance, but are unrelated to the clinical mental condition of pedophilia. The average AoC in the US in parts of the 1800s was like 10; it has literally nothing to do with determining what is or isn't pedophilia.

Pedophilia is the attraction to prepubescent children. It is wrong not because of an age gap, not even because of a power gap, but because prepubescent children are physically incapable of understanding sex the way adults (people who've completed puberty) can. The exceptions are usually children who've been seriously abused - most children, most prepubescent children, do not process sexual stimuli in the same way as adults, they do not have adult libidos. A child who has been raped at a very young age might not even fully understand what happened to them until they reach puberty. This is why pedophilia is pedophilia; this is what makes it fundamentally wrong. It is not a crime which any sane adult can commit by accident. You don't go "oopsie, I fucked a 6-year-old," nobody ever forgets to check ID and accidentally fucks a 9-year-old. That's what pedophilia is; it's a real thing, it's really bad, and I wish moralfags would stop throwing the fucking word around when they clearly don't understand it.






Two lil bumps on a thread about pedos


People on both this site and .ogre need to understand that age gap relationships are bad.


This is the same mentality that thinks that disabled people dating able bodied folks is ok.

Seriously, young adults are not helpless infants. You need to kill this obnoxious parental naggy "youth is innocence" strawman oit of ypur head.


Moder society is ironically more disnissive of children yet will vocariously project the limitations of prepubescebce onto postpubescent youths

Also, while prepubescent youths may not understand sex the same way adults can, that doesnt mean theyre inherently innocent.

In the past, before stanger danger and helicopter parenting, kids would run off to the woods to diddle each other.


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I will never stop dating sexy 18 year old bitches and there's nothing you can do about it.


>In the past, before stanger danger and helicopter parenting, kids would run off to the woods to diddle each other.

Literally something a predator would say. die.


>Will never know the tight warmth of an 18 year old pussy
>'thats ok, because I'm a 'decent human being'(by reddit standards)'
Jealous and coping slave morality faggot


Not my fault that you're a eunuch…


>Telling the truth about youth sexuality meams youre a pedophile


Its more vicarious mixed with jealousy.

Most people whom are jealous of younger people excelling in life are often failed adults.

Anti-precociousness is the disease of postmodern society.

Millennials are promoting the normalization of mediocrity/loserdom in youth.


File: 1701009859419.jpg ( 190.2 KB , 1290x1504 , 20231126_214333.jpg )



It's biology you fucking retards. There have been studies done on this and, sorry, but men are attracted to young women. Really men based on the lower end of the mean are even attracted to under age females. That doesn't make fucking minors right, but, sorry we are hardwired to fuck fertile women who are ready to procreate. You cannot deny libido retards


if we applied this logic to disabled or neurodivergent,what would progressives say


Of course its always white liberal tricenarian women whom think like this.

People in their late twenties amd early thirties are very age sensitive.

They have no idea how dumb they are about age numbers


File: 1701593016906.png ( 194.89 KB , 637x900 , 3aab0690d44dba196b64e4313d….png )

A pedophile is someone who feels attraction to pre-pubescent children.
Any other "definition" is just tumblrfags using the word to be dramatic and not caring about what it actually means.
Even having sex with children isn't nessacerily "pedophilia" as the majority of CSA is commited by non-pedos, usually parents, teachers or other trusted adults in positions of power that don't actually have an attraction to kids.
Pedophilia is *typically* acompanied by crushes and romantic fantasies.


Most child sexual abuse is often adults whom cannot score with their own age group or they cannot move on from lack of teen romance.


An odd degree of confidence in your knowledge about this very niche subject….


What does this even mean?
>If you know a lot about Biology you're an evolutionary biologist!


If an 18 year old is attracted to a 14 year old then they are still a pedophile. Hell if a 17 year old is attracted to a 14 year old its still pedo.


This is the dumbest fucking shit I have ever read. You retards play so loose with your words. It wont be long before everyone is a pedophile in some way. You never learn from history. Words lose their meanings if you allow them to become monolithic and all encompassing.


Peopl like that are often those whom are insecure about their lack of maturity from their youth to present age.

The whole age gap/grooming discourse is just Millennials projecting their maturity crisis onto their juniors.

Pay them.no mind as thy struggle with "adulting."



Sounds like these anon needs a hard drive check


sounds like you need a reality check




>You should–
Eat lead, uyghur


>you are–
Eat sum more


Adulthood begins at sexual maturation. Why are humans the obly species of animal to delay their adult phase of life?


Well humans are a lot more complicated than your average mammal. You have to factor in psychology into human maturity. That's why. But that being said everything should be judged on a case by case basis, tbh.


I'm FDE anyways so suck a dick.


Well, mammals are complicated beings in general.

.The reason why we have to factor in psychological maturity is becauseour society decided that "adulting is too hard" so they wanna extend childhood indefinitely to avoid as much hard work amd responsibility as possible.


From your own article retard:

>The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution protects witnesses from being forced to incriminate themselves, and there is currently no law regarding key disclosure in the United States.[44] However, the federal case In re Boucher may be influential as case law. In this case, a man's laptop was inspected by customs agents and child pornography was discovered. The device was seized and powered-down, at which point disk encryption technology made the evidence unavailable. The judge held that it was a foregone conclusion that the content exists since it had already been seen by the customs agents, Boucher's encryption password "adds little or nothing to the sum total of the Government's information about the existence and location of files that may contain incriminating information."[45][46]

The case in question was A a real actual pedophile and B a complete fucking retard running around with his laptop publicly in encrypted. You cannot be coerced, legally, in the United States to incriminate yourself and that includes cryptographic keys. One of the few things that actually makes the United States a good country.

At least read your own bullshit.


I hope this is bait.


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