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How it started vs how it's going


Literally hours later lol


First Hasan Piker hides from Sam Hyde. Then Matt Christman ODs from candy flipping vaxx-cocaine. Now this. 2023 has been a big L for the numale muhleft.


File: 1696386766949-0.jpg ( 853.17 KB , 1068x1073 , Screenshot_2023-10-04-09-2….jpg )

File: 1696386766949-1.jpg ( 302.82 KB , 1170x1851 , 20231004_092159.jpg )

>born white
>middle class
>out of shape (lol, muscles are for for rightoids)
>have ghey haircut
>get job grifting as a social justice advocate
>call people you don't like a 'racist' or 'nazi'
>loudly pontificate about 'equity policy'
>'look mom, I'm an antifa supersoldier'
>get stabbed on the street by insane black guy for literally no reason
>last words: 'I'm one of the good guys [gurgle gurgle]'


we must all find the insane black guy within us to unleash on the wealthy


How many poor hick Republicans die from not having a nationalized healthcare system that they keep voting against do you think Nazi kun?


The difference is when they die nobody cares.


>Tfw underneath your che Guevara t-shirt is a milquetoast eurofag Sucdem
Sorry Brian, no one wants to pay for your sex change and type 2 diabetes medication. Trying going outside, getting some sunshine, and lifting something heavy


>type 2 diabetes
It's like you can't even insult him without agreeing with him.


No amount of socialized healthcare can save you if you won't take your tubby ass outside and stop eating fried food.

This is why actual socialist countries focus on preventative healthcare while faggy numale western fauxialists screech about gibs


Are you going after betacuck numales or rednecks?
>This is why actual socialist countries focus on preventative healthcare
Yeah, like checkups and screenings, shit a lot of Americans still can't afford because a full-on public option is too scawwy.


State Owned gyms. State mandated exercise for all.


Socialize the means of (testosterone) production


Part of the problem is a useless strata of administrators and the rentier industry of insurance. Without those two things, healthcare in Burgerland would be significantly more affordable


File: 1696452404424.jpg ( 41.87 KB , 850x400 , quote-we-live-in-an-age-in….jpg )

Reminder: in 2 weeks, no one will remember these dead leftist maggots. They will still remember Yukio Mishima though


obvious ogre bait. ywnbaw and you will die in your city while my "flyover" state will be unaffected. You can't run a mile, you can't do a pull-up, you can't make a fire, you can't skin a buck, you can't get laid. Have fun getting raped by fags while I'm at the county fair enjoying the bountiful harvest.


File: 1696463190115.jpg ( 103.72 KB , 1080x1262 , 20230928_082631.jpg )

I'm guess at least 10,000 or more a year. Isn't that funny Nazi kuns? They very politics they supported wound up killing them. Just like the guy in OP. They're both ironic, can't you see that?


File: 1696466646846.jpg ( 384.54 KB , 2048x2048 , 20231005_074340.jpg )

Triple kill


File: 1696469947880-0.png ( 395.62 KB , 928x852 , 100k plus diabetes deaths ….png )

File: 1696469947880-1.png ( 62.06 KB , 791x683 , rural suicide in america.png )



File: 1696472035246.jpg ( 79.04 KB , 640x800 , __ss-rehost__IG-CHdVXGxlZe….jpg )

Type 2 diabetes isn't some random occurrence. It's the result of a shit lifestyle. For type 1, it's the result of ill-breeding and bad genetics. Those people shouldn't breed anyways.

We've already gone over this.

Under (real) socialism, you WILL be forced to go outside and exercise in the fresh air. You WILL NOT eat yourself to death.


File: 1696475529154.mp4 ( 618.72 KB , 480x494 , kxZiFYlV9bLQwnG3.mp4 )

Whenever you post stuff like this, I imagine you are a fat millennial woman with a librarian dike haircut


Pro-tip: don't get stabbed to death by a 'youngster' in front of your activist girlfriend. If you do, she's gonna get 'the ick.'


>another 100,000 rednecks go ACK! as he posts this


We can't all be faggot latte sipping tech workers, HR specialists, and art history teachers, Brian


File: 1696518348796.jpg ( 43.16 KB , 564x445 , 20230926_151011.jpg )

Pro-tip: Don't vote Republican and and become impoverished from voting against your own best interests. When you die of one of the many maladies that come from poverty the GOP won't care.


File: 1696522738665.png ( 97.91 KB , 885x316 , The relationship between h….png )

libs are risk adverse bubbleboys, confirmed


>Unsourced study
Based MAGApede


>Not having healthcare is actually good for you!
Now this is ideology


File: 1696527283968.jpg ( 291.23 KB , 712x712 , 1695097835717250.jpg )

But people in Red States, and that are actually being governed by conservative policies, have the worse health.
This needs more study, why isn't believing in Daddy Trump making MAGApedes healthier than libtards? It must be Democratic meddling.


>omg, people in red states live until 74, not 75.5 like in blue states!
Like I said– risk adverse fags


Weren't you saying that conservatives are healthier here>>150073?
Now you're admitting they don't live as long but the difference is negligible. Shouldn't they be living longer? Oh and the difference is more like 5 years.
>But by 2017 Connecticut’s citizens had a five-year advantage in life expectancy over their peers in Oklahoma, which is a politically conservative state. They were near the top of the chart, whereas Oklahomans were near the bottom.


>Suffer from easily treatable diseases and die early to make some booj ever more rich.
Based and red pilled!


The study suggested conservatives are healthier as children.

Who fucking cares about living a few years longer when you are in your 70s.

Liberals really are pathetic, clinging onto a life that lacks any substance beside ghey virtue signaling
>Lol, I'll get to spend an extra year sitting on the couch or living in a nursing home. Get rekt MAGApedes


>Conservatives are healthier as children.
>This doesn't make them live longer or be healthier adults because reasons.
You still haven't cited the source of this mysterious study anon.


>Too retarded to punch in a sentence to any search engine
How do you expect to have a revolution when you're that incompetent and mentally challenged?


>Children are healthier because of political ideology they believe as adults.
No this is next level ideology, time traveling ideology kek.
>Who fucking cares about living a few years longer when you are in your 70s.
>Don't you know that conservatives were healthier as children.
>W-w-w-w-who cares about your health as an adult or senior. Who cares that you're going untreated to make UnitedHealth a few more dollars.
You're really deep throating that boot. It's starting to turn me on.


Where's the study anon? Where!?


*Now this is next level ideology


It's the other way around. People who are feeble as children become liberals as adults
Don't you have a vaccine booster to take btw?


File: 1696570504484.jpg ( 230.53 KB , 1300x956 , portrait-of-mountaineer-we….jpg )

Pic related
>most adventurous leftist


File: 1696583416719.jpg ( 98.42 KB , 1024x1024 , 20231006_160857.jpg )



File: 1696661734555.jpg ( 280.85 KB , 1170x1938 , 20231007_135128.jpg )



Free reign to murder anarchists?


>Free reign to murder anarchists?
More like liberal white guilt. When state and corporate media doesn't mention race it's because they were black.


File: 1696693050559-0.png ( 338.04 KB , 503x657 , 0.png )

File: 1696693050559-1.png ( 117.44 KB , 267x298 , 0000.png )

File: 1696693050559-2.png ( 409.38 KB , 456x657 , 00001.png )

>burns down corrupt bourg hive
>film concludes him planning to poison a resort that is likely full of psuedo bourgs, middle shits, and actual bourgs
a true proletariat
this feels on point
this is gud
usually am averse to blondes yet her tits have overridden this. life is not fair
that guy was a retarded bitch(which is why you ID with him) and died like 1(like you probs will) lol


File: 1696904478358.jpg ( 135.44 KB , 892x1280 , IMG_20231010_091955_286.jpg )

He got shanked and cucked at the same time. What a faggot


I guess they don't feel guilty enough to actually stop colonizing black people though.


Is that was your sophomore year history professor told you?


Haha, no, he told me white people dindu nuffin and it's a giant mystery why blacks are so poor and oppressed.


You think all Blacks are poor and oppressed. Have you tried telling that to Black people? How did they respond?


>You think all Blacks are poor and oppressed.
>Have you tried telling that to Black people? How did they respond?
Kek, have you talked to any black people outside of 4chan?


Mask off moment


Most Negro Yankee communities arent poor. Theyre broke.

Alot of them have fast food joints or corner stores.They have loan stores, dry cleaners, furbiture stores, etc

Alot of of Negro Yanke houses have a shitload of clothes and toys thrown over the place. they have fridges stuffd with take out food and soda. They often throw away food when they dont feel like finifshing it.

They have alot of electronic gadgets amd even nice lookimg cars.

But they somehow cannot afford the rent or bills.

Theyre not starving nor wihout clothes. Theyre just a more vulgar version of white suburbanites.


>all knife/gun crime is juvenile delinquents


File: 1713976969299.mp4 ( 439.92 KB , 592x1280 , 1527109664231522308.mp4 )

when you read this thread


File: 1713981612262.jpg ( 257.17 KB , 1200x1125 , 1713981598825.jpg )

you're still a faggot shaytan

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