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Leftists aren't even a blimp on the FBl's radar

Why is this? Are rightoids more convincing, better organized, etc, when it comes to posing a potential threat to 'law and order?' Is the left simply incompetent, or has it been thoroughly coopted into becoming a bulwark of the ruling class state?

Explain yourselves


Personally, I'm going with the incompetent explanation, btw

It's pretty hard to organize a genuine resistance movement when you can't even organize/maintain an active imageboard that doesn't revolve around feetpics and being a troon.

But I'm open to other ideas and explanations


File: 1696481990757.jpg ( 31.17 KB , 640x480 , nato.jpg )

Maybe because CIA deals with it internally (and internationally) and NATO deals with it on a geopolitical level?

I think implying that the US hegemony doesn't care about leftism is either lacking an understanding of what leftism is or ignoring most of recent history.


File: 1696487821482.png ( 764.97 KB , 868x560 , 216188.png )

Indeed comrade
Pic related is real leftism


You're just starting with a false premise and asking us to explain it.

Why does the FBI never arrest black people? As a goldfish who doesn't remember anything that's not right in front of me, I assume that the only people the FBI is bothering with are whatever white person I'm presently looking at. Please explain this, /b/!

It's genuinely retarded, amigo. Get a better brain, think instead of just blindly reacting to shit. Here, look, wow:

Can you believe it? It didn't even take any effort to find something contradicting your assumptions.

That said? Yeah, right-wing terrorism has been far more prevalent in the US, and it's much more prone to coming in the form of mass shootings and retarded violence against random people. Here are some examples:


Religious extremists and right-wing nuts rank up there with schizos (probably a bit ahead of schizos, honestly…) and right behind gangbangers as far as their likelihood to just randomly walk in a church or grocery store and start shooting at people. On top of that, white supremacist groups like the Aryan Brotherhood deal directly in the gang shit and push meth. By far the most effective act of right-wing violence in recent years was Jan. 6, and half of them were just let in without any resistance… otherwise, right-wingers are very active with their violence, and it mainly constitutes murdering random people for shopping. That they're recognized as a threat after the fact (by the same FBI which also goes after Antifa, though Antifa kills far fewer random people overall) is not a validation of the "effectiveness" of far right strategy. I will admit, though, that far right-wingers are advantaged by the fact that they have more rich landlord celebs who can safely run within the 2 party system. Sanders is the closest thing even the center left has to that in America.


File: 1696503502028.png ( 299.95 KB , 512x512 , KEKISIMUS MAXIMUS.png )

>by far the most effective act of right-wing violence in recent years was Jan. 6 and ha-


That's not true

The FBI Used an Undercover Cop With Pink Hair to Spy on Activists and Manufacture Crimes


Okay so you are just talking about western leftism. Obviously China is more than a blimp on the west's radar…

I still think the cia did a great job eliminating leftist thought in america. Because it did used to be a thing. In fact it still is a thing but you get algorithmically silenced on the internet and IRL people are so alienated that they do not organize.

This is why I said in the cult thread that the left basically needs better counter-propaganda and might have to have it's own three letter agency keeping the narrative to prevent liberals from ruining everything again.

>>>/leftypol/475093 This poster seems to think that socialism will win in the minds of the people on its own merit (I'm crudely summarizing a very good post). But we've all seen how effective the CIA is at dismantling any class consciousness so I think some psy-ops type shit may be in order.

Basically don't rule-out that a socialist government may have to use the same tools that a capitalist government does just towards different ends. At least at first. The same weapons in the right hands can be a useful tool.


"Why is this? Are rightoids more convincing, better organized, etc, when it comes to posing a potential threat to 'law and order?"

No, they only organization the right has is following some extremely loud dumbass, being extremely loud and threatening while armed in public then going home and hanging out on neo nazi, anti semetic, "how to kill fellow Americans" suites. They're useful idiots but so chaotic and easily swayed they're a liability to the LEO that share their exact same fascist ideology.


Pasquale misses you


China isn't leftist in the western sense, not in the slightest.the cultural left there are the ones pushing for liberalization.

There, socialism combine state macroeconomic management with nationalism and social conservatism.


(Sorry to samefag)
But we probably do agree that what passes for the left in the west is a psyop.

The difference being, you huff and puff about how it's 'not the real left,' while I just admit that 'yes, in the context of the west, it's what calls itself the left and is widely seen as such '


It's because the left is dead bruh


Genuinely both the funniest shit and the coolest shit they've done.

>There, socialism combine state macroeconomic management with nationalism and social conservatism.

And a capitalist market economy making stuff for foreign corporations, and global investment, massive stock exchanges, and a massive surveillance state watching workers. The liberalization in China, the economic kind of liberalization, already happened decades ago! Economically, they're more like socdems with the leftover party hierarchy of an ML state which no longer wants to enact ML economics. Ftr India also calls itself constitutionally socialist.

Posting twice isn't samefagging btw. Samefagging is when one anon specifically pretends to be different people in the same thread. You guys should have learned this stuff at the door.


Whatever it is, it's working.

No genderqueer faggot activists posing as journalists. No future astronauts stabbing them to death in the streets. No schizo crackheads camped out under every other overpass. No chimpouts. No looting iPhones to feed their families, only to discover the iPhones get locked when stolen from a retail store. No fat lesbians shaming you for being a man with a functional libido.

Actual functioning society, unlike Amerikwa


no true scottmans


No American retards obsessively consuming outrage porn and basing their entire worldview on whatever the last 5 headlines they saw were…

Seriously, why not just stan Saudi Arabia if this is your outlook? There are even fewer "faggot activists" there. While we're at it, Japan, Indonesia, UAE, Switzerland, Oman, and Norway all have lower murder rates than China does. Why pretend to be a socialist when you could just be a weeb? You could embrace your cartoon-ass hyper-reactive worldview and get the lowest murder rate in the world in return.

You just seem so terrified of absolutely everything, there's no way you'd get to China, see stuff like this:
…and not shit your pants and want to run off to some other land where you assume none of this happens because you haven't personally heard it talked about yet. Like China does some things right! They've got a robust welfare system, they often handle the crimes of domestic billionaires more aggressively than the US does, but if all you admire about China is the big yuge state wagging its finger at the riff-raff then you've got plenty of other options which might better suit your faggoty-ass desire to be lorded over.


File: 1696594126269.jpg ( 102.63 KB , 733x475 , Johnny_Rotten_knows_better.jpg )

>antifa literally murders people and gets away with it
>maga walks into the capital building and get 20 year prison sentences
And leftists unironically think they are the rebels.


Ya, I like living in a society where I can walk down the street while texting without worrying about my phone getting snatched or tripping over a homeless person

Have fun in your decaying shithole though lol


>They've got a robust welfare system
Arguably that's part of the problem. Letting criminals leech off the welfare state and have children they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford is a recipe for endlessly compounding the crime problem. Just because China is a few decades behind the same road the US started down in the 60s doesn't mean China is better off or "did it right".

>While we're at it, Japan, Indonesia, UAE, Switzerland, Oman

All countries with strict immigration and welfare policies. What was the point you were trying to prove again?


Every 100 yards I see a cop sitting on hundreds of thousands of USD worth of tech. Redenecks driving 30K full size trucks with "back the blue, punisher skull, Trump 2024" and they spend thousands on civilian copies of military weapons like the AR-15. Their legislators (R) have no agenda other that blaming their excessive, wasteful spending on civilians ( the poor,gay,colored,non-white-native).
And they make fake "leftist" forums like this and believe they're fooling someone. Right wingers love authority cus they're full of hate and fear and need a authopratarian daddy. Fuck y'all


Cool. You should go cry about it on .org


>THe LefT IS the sIde of eMPaThY


Least classist leftist


File: 1696612592204.png ( 396.97 KB , 946x660 , ---.png )

antifa faggots would only grow stronger in prison since they like it up the ass and then some. maga faggots are too busy playing hard to get to make any actual sense


>antifa literally murders people and gets away with it
Never happened. Also two people died at the capitol riot; which, to be clear, is still an admirably low casualty count for right-wing violence, especially when you consider one of those was just one of the boomers getting gunned down while scaling a window. Contrast it with normal right-wing attacks like Buffalo and Charleston, and you'll get why Jan. 6 is so nifty - way fewer random deaths at Jan. 6, and way more damage inflicted on people with actual power. Only 2 casualties, and one of them was a cop! Very cool.
All that said, you're still working on a false premise.


Literally looking into this even slightly would have demonstrated that OP's premise was completely false.

>Arguably that's part of the problem.
There's no argument for that. America scrapped welfare in the '90s, and even before that the US didn't have a welfare state on par with China or the Nordic states.

Also, Switzerland has a larger immigrant population than the US, and Norway (who you left out) also has a higher immigration rate than the US, and still has a lower homicide rate than China. Oman, too, actually! And even UAE!

I can't believe you'd just trot out a bunch of lies in the hopes of diverting the conversation like that! Almost like you're not being entirely genuine here!

>What was the point you were trying to prove again?

That you're not a socialist, you're just a bootlicking faggot. And you've proven it!


>Never happened.
Off the top of my head, the antifa members who beat up a gay asian journalist in portland were never caught. The antifa member who who shot and killed a trump supporter in portand was also never arrested.

>Also two people died at the capitol riot

You are smarter than that. Who's side do you think the media is on. If trump supporters killed anyone on jan 6 the headlines would be "trump supports murder 2 people" not "2 people died somehow".

>Literally looking into this even slightly would have demonstrated that OP's premise was completely false.

What are you disagreeing with specifically. You disagree that the vast majority of media and law enforcement is directed against "right-wing" and "white supremacists"? Or you disagree that the FBI never investigated a left-wing group ever? There is quite a wide spread here.

>America scrapped welfare in the '90s

Well that's a fucking lie. Where are all these unemployed kids from single mother homes getting their food from? Just because it's not your ideal version of a welfare state doesn't mean it's not a welfare state. What makes people criminals is that they are anti-social personalities who can't follow rules. That's also what makes them unemployable. The only way criminals can survive for so long in such large numbers is on government unemployment handouts.

>Switzerland has a larger immigrant population than the US, and Norway

I didn't say they don't have immigrants I said they have strict immigration controls. The only way to get into switzerland is on temporary work visas or to buy citizenship for €500.000. So the immigrants in switzerland are not the kinds of people who commit random violent crime.

>That you're not a socialist, you're just a bootlicking faggot. And you've proven it!

So you don't care about the truth you just care about putting people into categories?

>I can't believe you'd just trot out a bunch of lies in the hopes of diverting the conversation like that! Almost like you're not being entirely genuine here!

Because you're in the side of righteousness that means all the bad faith crap you've thrown my way is justified. I know how it works.


>Antifa member

Go back to pol retard.


Come'on Comrade Dunning Krueger. Can you come up with a different insult for once?


>>Antifa member
>Go back to pol retard.
You forgot to make an argument.


The argument is apriori. You already know it you are just being obtuse.


>plz chase the moving goalposts of my vague implications
You're too scared to make a definitive statement because you know you can't defend it.

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