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As leftists, how do we defeat autism?


we just don't


it's bad only because it's a burden for porky


it's absolutely debilitating. having talked to autists, it requires great patience that most people don't possess. We must investigate materials for links to autism that capitalists might be concealing including plastics fuels and mining operations. Utah should be investigated as a special case too for it's extraordinary autism rates. Perhaps Mormons carry genes perhaps it's environmental.


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Man, check it, I get it, talking to folks with autism might need more patience sometimes, but it ain't the end of the world, homie. You can't be saying it's "debilitating" like that. People, they got their unique ways, you know? So, let's keep the judgments in check, ese.

Now, when you start talking about materials and linking them to autism, it's a slippery slope. It ain't no conspiracy from capitalists, bro. Plastics, fuels, mining – they've been around, and there ain't no concrete proof they're causing autism. It's important to base this on science, not just pointing fingers.

Utah, man, it's a special place for sure. But saying it's got extraordinary autism rates because of Mormons or something? That's jumping the gun, homes. We gotta be careful with them assumptions.

In the end, it's about understanding, supporting, and respecting one another. No need for finger-pointing and wild theories, vato. Let's focus on what we can do to help and learn from each other.


This unrionically sounds like a lot of western so-called leftists


I like how you got this assblasted that you fell for my ai responses that you actually believe that most people are as retarded as you not to notice.


I think the autism is excabarated by the social conditioning especially in religious communities.


Alot of rightists sound loke this too these days.

Political extremism is often taken up by mental defections.


Mandatory screening for people whom wanna have kids.
Pregnant women should be put on strict diets.

Procreation ahouldnt be a free right in modernized late-stage capitalist societies.

Too many defeective adults feel entitled to romance and offspring just by virtue of being legal age rather than by competence.

Alot of postmodern adults dont own their own businesses or trades.
And alot of them smoke and or drink too much and eat too much junk food.


This would too drastically reduce the productive capabilities of the country and leave people with too many fat old fucks to take care of. We need to keep the population stable enough to support itself. Genetic modification should be used to directly improve future generations. Slightly retarded people can still raise good children.


That last sentence is major cope.

Also, we have too many iverweight middle aged cretins to tske care of. Forty to seventy fuve is not old. Its middle aged.

If you think vetting the procreativity is bad, then enjoy your perpetual dysfunction.


don't defeat autism, embrace it


- By first asking why you want to in the first place
- By creating a strict definition for it (impossible)
- By assessing the benifits of autism against it's cons (it's literally advantageous most of the time as long as a neurotypical, aka non-autistic, deosn't fuck with their flow.)


>Autism is my superpower

You cannot be serious.


If you could chose to have a population of people who literally hyperfixate on shit like math and linux, or a population of tiktok addicts that forgot the multiplication tables so they can make room for youtuber drama, which would you pick? Lego kid, or tide pod challenge kid?


tide pod challenge because the lego kid is just going to become another elon musk


like even if most of them end up hyperfixating on sonic or something, the chance they'll fixate on something useful is worth having everyone be autistic. Neurotypicality is just by definition just an average and the average right now is fucking stupid.


most autistic kids end up like chris chan to lesser degrees.

Also nice strawman.

Academic skills is not the same as basic morals.

Alot of our successful busniessmen and tradesmen arent well versed in academia.

Also: >TikTok addicts

Like Vine or imageboards arent bad?

ok now I know youre majorly coping.

Neurodivergence isnt some inherent virtue. Most austistic people arent whiz kids.

Even if they were, they no longer are.
Also, alot of our youtube drama is fuelled by autistic people.

Neurotypical people aremt stupid. Theyre average intelligence. But if theyre as bad as you say, autistic people are even worse.


We don't defeat it.
We harness it's power.


We enhance it


Thats what the alt right did.

Again, thats what the alt right did


In a way it backfired on them, though.


How tho?


Example: PJW, Soygon of Cuckadd, Milo, and the other alt right pals are portrayed as pedophile clowns nowadays.


exactly. It was a farce

Utilizing autism as political collateral is degrading.

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