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Holy shit
>It's real


File: 1697367415645.jpg ( 13.49 KB , 192x345 , index2.jpg )

>manlets cannot be chad…
>leads anarchist horde without bureaucratic apparatus crutch


Lemme check, he murdered peasants when they didn't follow his non authoritarian lead


peasants, or """peasants""", ie kulaks?

anyway, mltoids really did him dirty

he literally saved their pathetic asses from Denikin


>Sips yerbe mate


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Jesus Christ.
What is this cartoonish machismo logic?


File: 1699120647390.jpg ( 534.53 KB , 1080x800 , Screenshot_2023-11-05-00-5….jpg )

>t. Triggered midwit with dadbod and manboobs


t. reactionary poster whom probably isnt even in shape himself but posts urban folklore theories to gmfeel better about himself


>Gets called out for his shit physique
>Doesn't even try to deny it
>'b-b-bbut you probably have a bad physique too.'

Bro, it's ok if you have gyno and a gut. 6 months of dedication and you can reshape your body into something unrecognizable today. Might help if you start leaving out the sugar and soymilk from your coffee though.


Theres no raging from me. Im just saying that your strawman is telling of your cartoonish mindset.


>Cartoonish mindset
Again, what sort of physical manifestation has your mindset produced?

I get it though…

In Burgerstan, being fat is the norm.

Thus you probably don't see a problem with it. Maybe you kinda dislike it, but it's not a priority for you.

Maybe you work in tech, where being a spineless faggot is seen as a kind of virtue.

All of this is to say that you are very much a product of your wretched environment - and anything outside of the pathetic norm of the west is seen by you as cartoonish.


Again with the strawmen.

I neber said being fat is good. Im just pinting out your cartoonish logic where anyone whom disagrees with you is "fat/low T/ estrogenic/ etc.

The fact you took the time to make this post tells me youre waist deep into your reactive ideologue.

Also, youre one to talk about soineless. Alot of alt right people are spineless and end up in sex scandals that srent even badass. And alot are overweight


File: 1699327801004.jpg ( 214.34 KB , 1377x1199 , 20231107_102858.jpg )



what is this crystal.cafe shit? If you wanna imagine historical figures fucking eachother just look up Ao3 fics of them like a normal person.


File: 1699414126788.jpg ( 1.84 MB , 1878x1366 , 20231108_102440.jpg )



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