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Though, admittedly, religion is not the root cause of the worlds issues, none the less, it's very unsettling that the left constantly allows these cancerous religious people into our circles with their cancerous ideologies. Religious dogma says that it is ok to believe things with out validity, or, reason to believe them other than your own personal feelings and one of the major issues with this rationale is that if you will believe one thing on faith then you will believe anything on faith. Part of the major reason that Jews and Muslims have had so much conflict (and still have conflict to this day) is because they have territorial disputes over land, holy sites, and faith. They (and Christians too) believe they are the righteous arbiters of the holy word and anyone else who claims to have such rhetoric is seen as a hethen. We need a modern day atheist movement to rival what we had in the early 2000s. Maybe one less cringe and more rational, but, none the less religious dogma is an overt threat to mankind exists. Religious belief is anti-human.


Leftism is a secular religion


Go back retard


Load another bowl comrade


your prompts are shit and you dont know how to troll with ai


You know you could at least explain ypourself. The right has far more in common with religion anyways considering the right loves to deny reality constantly to feel better about holding retarded opinion that are not based on any scientific data what so ever. Hell, actually, the right literally is filled with a unch of religious fundamentalists and other dogmatic nutcases so.


I can't believe the no-fun jannies deleted those screenshots. You guys need to get lives beyond policing a dead board


It's literally spam, though.


Normally I wouldn't give you the time of day, but here's an original copypasta.


History, class struggle
Communism, Anarchism, classless stateless paradise
>Garden of Eden
Primitive communism
>Original sin
Racism, colonialism, class society
>Prophets and saints
Marx, Engles, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Che, Ho, Mao, etc
>Everyone's a sinner
No ethical consumption under capitalism
>Atonement through Christ/Muhammad
Being an ally/'it's called being a decent human being'
>Revelations, millenarian end time struggle between good and evil
Proletarian revolution against the bourgeoisie
>Cringe Bible study groups
Cringy Trot student groups
>Holy Spirit
Theory, 'Have you even read Lenin?'
>Endless schisms
Endless schisms
>Slave morality
Slave morality


What's the definition of spam?

Anything you want it to be

Sounds familiar


Why don't you tell me.
There's nothing hat you would ever call spam is the real issue because you are going to bitch no matter what happens. SO just fuck off back to pol or something literally I don't give a fuck.


>History is the same thing as god
That's so fucking hilarious. Do you think history isn't real or something? I don't understand what you are getting at here.

This all reads like some one who has never read marx at all is what it reads like, frankly. It's like you just took a bunch of buzzwords and threw them at a wall trying to get them to stick. This is more lazy than the dude complaining about not being able to spam the board with AT generated garbage.


Is this seething or coping

It's not my fault I've read more actual communist theory from actual communist revolutionaries (and not faggot tenured professors – ahem – Cockshott)


I actually lifted that part from Zizek where he describes to the notion of history and historical progression as a sort of soviet Big Other through which all other actions can be justified or related to.

Can't find the actual source rn.

Stop projecting your midwittery onto me plz


Also. Isn't it like 2 or 3am where you're at? Put down the phone and go to bed. Your thinking would be much more clear


>Zizek said it so it's gospel

You aren't doing a good job with your case here bud.


Ok well whatever, 5 walls of screen shots that are barely legible because you feed them through chatGPT is spam. I don't really care if you don't like it you are more than welcome to leave.


You're out of your depth
Go back to making threads about Cockshott that no one replies to


How does this always end up in ad-homeniem with you?


western and middle eastern religions more often then not are very tribal, needlessly promote cruelty, and incestous at their core, eastern religions tend to emphasize nature and collective harmony. Several eastern religions at their core are not about worshiping anyone being(s) and is merely treating the wilds and community with respect and reverence. an exception(there obviously more) to this rule was imperial japan and its corruption of Buddhist teachings/philosophy, overall these corruptions tend to be in the minority and rather than the norm as found in western civilizations


also beep boop baap
i luv u <3


>Sips latte


lemme sip your boi pussi bro


>millions of images from reddit rehashed


>visits reddit
<visits reddit
dont worry god still loves you


Weren't the jannies reehing out about 'walls of spam' in the middle of the night last night.
I guess it's not noon yet on Burgerstan, so they are probably still asleep


>There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. Proverbs 14:12
yes, its 'dumb' but I couldnt stop believing even if tried. thats why its called being 'born again'.

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