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Why did we let faggy idpolers with nothing to offer but an opinion render the term 'right wing' meaningless?

They've basically made being 'right wing' somewhere between cool and sensible


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cuz 'we' don't control the mass media narrative


What they call "the left" now are liberals quickly and steadily evolving into the new fascist, with new iconography and new rhetoric but with all of the same negative consequences.

The "right" is becoming less racist, more anti-capitalist and more moderate, if something like the Canadian trucker convoy/protest was considered "far-right" by neoliberal standards.

So the definitions have inverted. Not that they meant anything anyway, those words in mainstream media are associated with the two equally capitalist equally neoliberal parties that you might vote for, so it was always going to be an aesthetic choice rather than a material one, but still I maintain that liberals are the new fascists, and have found new ways to hate people.

In a historical dialectical sense maybe this makes sense, although I will say that liberals were never the left, and were never going to do anything for the working class to begin with, and the left just keeps losing it's presence, even though recently in Canada at least there was a poll where a million people identified as communists, in a country of just 30 million people. So it makes sense that as conditions worsen the ruling class changes the language that is used, causing this inversion.


Jason Unhrue (Comrade fatass) calls himself a communist and spent months reehing about truckers (from the safety of his moms basement)

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