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Monster Mash is cringe


Halloween is cringe


Being an adult and finding yourself critical of a children's holiday is cringe


It hasn't been a childrens holiday for decades, be honest. Second of all, no, all holidays are capitalist consumer dogma. Just an excuse to buy buy buy.


Halloween is both a children's holiday and a LGBTQIAP+ holiday


Every day is an LGBTQP+ holiday day in the West


Sounds like you're projecting you're own arrested development and consoomer tendencies, anon


As an abrahamic or atheist, yeah. Holidays have utility to pagans and eastern religions. I do agree holloween in particular has been mostly consumed by capitalism. Using it to witchpill the kids is praxis tho.


No you are just dumb.


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>sorry hombre, high trust societies are yt supremacy. enjoy living in the latrine american culture that we imported with us


>high trust society
Incomprehensible libspeak. That video is an example of what, as well as capitalism itself, trust based systems bring. We need secure, self-sufficient communities that doesn't have the backdoors leaders provide.


Aww. I see, until a few years ago, that community wasn't capitalism and had high trust.

Then capitalism was installed and imported the dregs of latrine america.

All makes sense now


>didn't proofread GPT-J before posting


There's no typos or misspellings in that post, sir


GPT doesn't make grammatical errors, When it shits itself like in >>150504 the input usually reached a novelty level where is no clear statistical most likely reply, and so it'll pick the main words and reply like it read something more common using those words.


I'm convinced that there is an inverse relationship between technical knowledge and common sense/understandings about human nature


>refusing to learn things because knowing things makes it harder to retain an SEO worldview.


>Didn't actually dispute the point

Learning implies you're able assimilate new information in order to act in a different manner that achieves a desired end; not being to regurgitate useless information which is of no practical consequence


>SEO worldview
<Retarded faggot

It's pretty well established that I'm the best read shitposter on this board. Sorry if I don't care to read idealistic Chomsky-tier tenured literal whos like Cockshitt or nobody meme philosophers like Stirner. I spent my 20s reading Marxists who actually participated in revolutions and academics with much more interesting things to say. I've moved on, but still read 10+ books a year - just not dorky do-nothing leftoid theorycels (i.e., mental masturbators)

These days, when I want to read fiction, I stick with sci-fi, historical stuff, and novellas, not muhleftist moral faggotry or Dunning Kruger style grandstanding.


>spotting bots / glowies
>of no practical consequence
There would have needed to be a point to ponder in the first place. If that was truly some dehydrated husk mashing the keyboard, all they did was bark keywords in a vaguely sentence-like structure.
And does it not bring you grief that you did it inefficiently? Every little bit of technical knowledge you sheltered yourself from would've made that process more efficient. You would've had an easier time reading it all and organizing your thoughts, you could have read way more and understood it all more thoroughly. But no, computer hard. Only 10+ (.i.e somehow less than 20) is enough for you. What a waste that was.




It's literally 12pm in Burgerland. Way too early to be sounding that stoned/opioided


Five AM to Five PM is coffee time.
Five PM to Five AM is booze time.


Most adults are hypercritical of childrens entertainment while self indulging on said childrens entertainment.

This is very true We see that acadeically gifted kids turn out to be clumsy naive adaults.

In fact, as we are seeing a modern era where most people spend their youth in cademia, they turn out with declining life skills.


Most holidays nowadays have businesses open on said holidays.

Before the late 2000s, it used to be busnesses were closed on the day before,during, and after a holiday.

Also, some holidays were added for sales. Like Halloween, Valentines, and St Patrick.


It's November 14 and the Monster Mash rules, faggot. You better get your ass ready because Monster's Holiday is comin at you with no vaseline next.

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