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"We need an imageboard of action to fight for OC making posters."
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Lol. This Le'Karen likely makes 2-3x more than someone who works outside or in a factory 40-60 hours a week in the same state

>Tell me again how the PMC isn't real

>Tell me again how women still aren't equal
>Tell me again how capital doesn't promote ghey cultural leftism
>Tell me again about blah blah white men blah blah


Those DEI people dont make as much as you think


File: 1699244617681-0.jpg ( 257.94 KB , 1080x1118 , Screenshot_2023-11-06-11-1….jpg )

File: 1699244617681-1.jpg ( 258.76 KB , 1080x680 , Screenshot_2023-11-06-11-1….jpg )

Even if the 'DEI Professional' makes half this, it's still 2x larger than a well paid landscaper and around 70-100% more than a unionized auto worker.

This is where muhleftism has gotten the American worker. Some blaq Queen with a masters degree in finger snapping raking in he dough to run cover for porkie.

Hopefully the DEI bubble will pop soon.


Lenin used the term 'Labour Aristocrats'


Ok. It's not 1917.

<Modern leftist challenge:

Try having an ounce of critical and original thinking such that accurately reflects conditions of today's world.
<Difficulty level: impossible

In all seriousness. Lenin accurately summarized the changes which had occured in the 75 years since Marx and Engels published the Manifesto.

You're implying that nothing needs to be updated to keep pace with the 105 years since Lenin wrote Imperialism. This just demonstrates your own shallow breathing sort of thinking - the same thinking that permeates the modern western muhleft.

<Go to sleep Comrade Dunning Kruger. Every time you post in the middle of the night, you just get dunked on


Those are one of the few.

Jobs like those are like lottery selection.


File: 1699946589030.png ( 380.07 KB , 717x1024 , me rn.png )

>biggest dunce on the board
>constantly calls others "Comrade Dunning Kruger"

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