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Be honest. Does this describe you?


How can you predict what a marxist would say if you've never read marx?


If a problem branches off into other problems recursively, wouldn't that still make the root cause a sufficient answer? I'm nerdsniped, who is this guy and what are some issues he's idenified causes for, and what were those causes?


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I have a term for this mans logic: Retard thinking.
It's when you actually have a very clear and obvious answer for issues in the world that make perfect sense but because you don't like that and it interferes with your pre existing ideology being pro capitalist that you think something is wrong because it explains "to many phenomena" As if root causes for issues don't or cannot exist.

Retard thinking.


Nice try Mendeleev, your "periodic table" has too much explanatory power to be real


The theory of General Relativity just explains to many phenomena in the universe to possibly be true.


Another podcaster conjures up an obnoxious neologism for an umpteenth effect

Also what he says sounds an awful lot like projection.

Just as many people blame "leftism" or "secularism" for everything wrong.


All of you are retards

Human nature akshually explains everything


Sorry fags

'The Jews' is the correct answer – not capitalism or human nature. Everything goes back to them

Don't get mad just because identifying the Jews clashes with your preprogrammed ideology handed to you by Jewish Marx

(This is satire)



All of you guys are wrong

'God Said So'

That explains literally everything

I'll pray that you one day understand


It's not just saying 'capitalism' but say it's 'capitalism' is just the summation of the problem not an exhaustive explanation.


It's really saying nothing.

The capitalist system isn't going to change in a major way any time soon, especially not toward some derpy leftoid utopia.

Thus, saying 'its capitalism' doesn't lead to any practical solution.

It's preening faggotry meant to make you feel smart yet leaves you powerless, unable to identify potential solutions which are pragmatic (yet may not sound good to liberal-leftoid ears).


>How can you predict what a marxist would say if you've never read marx?
The same way you can predict what a Fox News watcher will say without watching Fox News.


the same logic applies to the "the communism is when the goverment" statment


Retard, do you think people are unchanging being or something? What the fuck are you stupid? This CIA logic is the same logic that could justify literally anything

>Why do anything at all nothing will ever change.

Have you considered suicide yet?


File: 1700119817537.jpg ( 92.06 KB , 1024x1024 , IMG_20231112_100830_630.jpg )



Wow got em bro good one how original.


Yes. It all capitlism


File: 1700131596170.jpg ( 103.72 KB , 1170x1097 , FcYLBpKXoAAbWZM.jpg )



It's also unfalsifiable. When national socialists wake up after a year of vigorous ethnic cleansing and find that they don't live in a utopia then the reason is because there must be some secret jews still hidden somewhere.

Same with the USSR/CCP after decades of socialism and people are still forced to eat their children to avoid staving to death it's because there is still some remnant of capitalism somewhere which needs to be destroyed.

You will never get to a state where 100% of $evil_thing has been destroyed. It just sets you up for a neverending struggle against imaginary bullshit. Which is exactly what authoritarian/dictatorial power structures need to justify their continued existence.


Im wasting my time here, but, if you actually read marx it isn't about morality. Like, jesus christ it's such a broken record statement at this point you have to be low autism score or a CIA agent to not know this.


Why in the world would anyone ever assume that Marxists are stodgy morality police or dopey utopianists.

It certainly must have nothing to do with the way that self proclaimed Marxists conduct themselves, the messaging that they themselves put out there!


You are stupid.


go do this at leftypol. you're wasting your time here. you cannot bait master baiters


Bait would be parodying the left or asking stupid questions

This is more like pointedly highlighting the inadequacies, inconsistency, and obvious deficits of the left.

Leftychan has become more of a free for all metadiscussion on the left. Go the leftypol is you want the reeh for all micro penis circle jerk.


>if you actually read marx it isn't about morality
What do you think you're responding to? I didn't say marxism was immoral I said it's unscientific.

You have no empirical way of measuring how much "socialism" or "capitalism" exists in a society. All you know is that when good things happen it's because of socialism and when bad things happen it's because of capitalism.

Blaming everything on an external enemy gives you no feedback mechanism to evaluate the effectiveness of your own principles or any clues on how to improve on them. You are just banging your head against a wall and then saying "not real communism" when you get a headache.


Socialism and capitalism are a spectrum, faggot


>Socialism and capitalism are a spectrum, faggot
How do you measure it?

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