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The absolute state of education in Burgerstan




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[reddit ceo name here], I refuse touse your site. In the rare occasion I use a search engine, I use ublock origin to block search engine results from your site, and the UI design is so naive / actively hostile to the user I have to actively think about where to put my eyes to read what does not deserve to be read in the first place.


The post being locked for questioning the liberal orthodoxy is peak reddit.


I think thats one of those inner city schools. Alot of horror stories about traching often seemed exaggerated and sound like from adult cartoons.

Irony is, delinquency was much higher in the old days.


How can a country ensure dilinquency stays above a healthy threshhold? Japan gov commissions anime with dilinquents in it for that, but no other country has quite the same capacity for notable cultural output.


Nippon senators endorse delinquents in their childrens entertainment?


I think so? Don't have my source on that. I know they've done that kinda operation for getting people to have more sex, hence such memes about Shinzo Abe.


Ah. So theyre tryna promote "big dick energy" kind of propaganda to make people do the hanky panky?

Why the fuck is everyone so obsessed with procreation?

Whats so bad about having less humans on the earth?

Most humans end up born in poverty, war, disease, racism, etc.


>Why the fuck is everyone so obsessed with procreation?
Well aside from the freudian explaination, most economies have functioned on an assumed birth rate. A population that suddenly has less kids after having a lot will grow to be older on average, meaning the younger generations have less hands to carry the living expenses of their families, and older people (or at least liberals and conservatives) trend towards short term strategy political policy. Harder to convince old liberals or conservatives their taxes should be used on infrastructure, education or science when there's politicians promising things with a quicker payoff. That's the assumption anyway.

Japan has the option to degrow, but if they can just fuck more then they can keep things as they are a while longer.


<Less humans like you might be a positive thing

Most humans aren't whiny little First World faggots who are permaoffended on others behalf.

They are actually pretty decent

I hope they have tons of kids while you die virginal.


>Leftists try not to be despirited biomass challenge
>Difficulty level: impossible

<[Nasally voice] hey fellow members of the working class. Do you want to be depressed, listless, unable to get a girlfriend or form meaningful relationships that don't revolve around a convoluted grand cause? Do you want to have bad health despite following all the guidelines from public health experts? Do you want to make bad, emotional decisions in your personal life despite loudly proclaiming that you believe in science? Or do you just want to let life waste away while you stand on the sidelines and snicker at people with ambition? Join the left. It's easy to join and costs nothing besides your long-term dignity and self-esteem!!


>criticising reckless procreation is a shallow thing

Why dont you move to the third world then?

Most people are decent anywhere ypu go but our industores are all corporatized.

>Rightists try to not to prohect or cpnjure up strawmen: Impossible


>cpnjure up strawmen
Resonates though, doesn't it


how does it resonate?
Most people whom constantly whine or blame "leftism" for any sort of opinion they dont like are ironically socially amd physically inert.

Everything bad that happens is always "muh leftism".

"Damn leftusts are tryna take away muh snack food!"


I simply said that leftists are responsible for the state of their own lives, anon


>Everything bad that happens is always "muh leftism".
Leftism is about egalitarianism. OP is what egalitarianism leads to. The moment you admit that people are inherently unequal and any attempt to force equality on any particular social or economic axis is always harmful and never works then you are no longer a leftist.


Thats not even egalitarianism.
Thats just dehumanization of children.

Adults resent that kids are people with flaws and nuances.

The way our schools are failing is because adults assume that childhood is a universal experience.

Kids are not all the same. Age numbers should not be metric of social treatment.


I'm really glad I wasn't raised to be such a faggot as modern kids.

I probably got the early end of mammy matriarchy diversity 'education', but not no where near what it's like today.

Case in point >>150826


The modern era started in the sixteenth century with Columbus and Magellan.

Also, "kids these days" sentiment is shallow repetitive hogwash.

Our education system is based on Prussian social engineering. It was never about enlightment. It was about controlling kids outisde of the classrroom.

See how schools nowadays punish kids for small incidemts that happen outside of school?

Schools are prisons.

Yet, adults treat criticism of school as kids wanting to be lazy.

Yet, adults complain emdlessly about work despite work being essential.

Whenever adults are questioned about their acadrmic skills, they go blank. All they can do is talk about their wacky dumbass teenage misadventures.

"School is the best time of your life."

No wonder why soxiety is so dumbed down. People have been branwased to believe that school days are the fullfillment of youth.


>I'm really glad I wasn't raised to be such a faggot as modern kids.
I probably got the early end of mammy matriarchy diversity 'education', but not no where near what it's like today.

Cope seethe and dilate. Your generatiin is just as faggy.

I love how people always blame their juniors for everything wrong in society rather than themselves.


>Thats not even egalitarianism.
<Horrendous student behavior … zero consequences
<Continued lowering of the bar of rigor until it’s basically in the toilet
<Prioritizing the needs of 3-4 disruptive students over the needs of the other 30 trying to learn, until even those 30 give up
<afraid of being called racist
<long term effects of lowered expectations
This is exactly the result of blind tolerance, forcing equal outcomes, blank slate myth, weaponized racism. In a word, leftism.


Again, thats not leftism or egalitarianism.

Also I wouldnt say theres zero consequence for misbehavior. As studemts are written up for edgy jokes or fighting back against bullies.


Weirdo whiteoids of questionable sexuality teach idpol revisionism in Gaynadian schools. No wonder normal people treat Marxism as sus and younger zoomers all think racism is funny.


File: 1700220552729.mp4 ( 3.58 MB , 320x546 , kAHWuk95IBEh8Oyf.mp4 )

Whoops. Here


Could you imagine sitting through his 90 minute finger snapping sessions for four years


Its Gen X and millennisls whom promote the obnoxious "funny racism" shit.Zoomers are just adapting it.

Thats something you rightists seem to have a hard time comprehending.

You all wanna blame Jews or Gentile non-whites, women, or secularism for your personal state.

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