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"We need an imageboard of action to fight for OC making posters."
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Why is the booj collective threatened so much by this man?….

And doesn't that make him /our guy/


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>vote for [rich pedophile]
>why are the [opponent] [negative emotion] of [rich pedophile]?
>is [rich pedophile] [slang denoting positive emotion / comraderie]
>[rich pedophile] will [have some influence on policy that matters that wouldn't be the same for [other rich pedophile] making voting actually matter]
Please for the love of god if you can't think of useful praxis just make a comnunity garden or something. Even youtube video essayists are more impactful than this.


Holy shit the conspiracy that every politician is a pedophile is cringe.


If they are literally running for president / prime minister, of course they are. And that's not even the main point, they are the hyperbourgoise, they will never do anything that would threaten capitalism or they wouldn't have got as far as they have, will get assasainated, or are lying to hype up news addicts.


he's unpredictable, not a careerist yes man, he is still part of the borg collective but he isnt tame like the rest, but will succumb to the logic of capital in the end.


People keep saying that, yet the booj state (govt, media, academia, etc) hates the man more than ever.

Generally, I look at what porkie wants nd do the opposite. Strange how a lot of 'leftists' seem to line up with porkie when it comes to Trump


Trump, this is cringe. Get back to work. Imageboards are disillusioned to you. Just rig the machines and use busses like last time:


Its all noise. Trump is just an outlier pawn used by the bourgeoise to fool the proles into MAGAtopia

Trump owes billions of dollars to investors. Hes been living on borrowed time since the early 1990s.

Trumps presidential camapigning is his swan song.


>And that's why you should vote blue. Log on to DNC.org to find out how you can help!!


votepol people really can't think of politics outside of elections.


>lol you must be a democrat becuz you dare to insult muh savior Trump

MAGA folks will never cease to amazeme. They become the exact NPC strawman they swore to detroy


>Omg you recognize patterns you must be an NPC
The left truly is pathetic


>lol you must be a leftist

see what I mean?
You even assumed that Leftism is "when you vote Democrat"


File: 1700498147568.jpg ( 349.91 KB , 1080x1398 , Screenshot_2023-11-20-22-5….jpg )

If Trump wins the election and unleashes the Patriotic Red Guards for a MAGACommunism cultural revolution, can we count on your support comrade?


if he reintroduces the draft then hell yeah. we will return to 60s politics which seems better to me than endless arguing about why we should let kids chop their dicks off and why we should make $$$$$consensual$$$$$ gas chambers for the poor legal


>Its all noise.
Except they've expended massive amounts of time and money and good will on intense anti-Trump propaganda for year after year and they are now bending over backwards to dismantle the whole democratic system to prevent him running in 2024.

This is not just manufactured consent theater politics. All the billionaires and corporations you pretend to hate so much are absolutely desperate to get rid of this one politician and that should at least make you curious.

>make $$$$$consensual$$$$$ gas chambers for the poor legal
All he wanted was a wall to prevent uninvited guests from flooding into the country as fast as they are now. The fact that you think that is the same as genocide shows how far the overton window has been shifted.


>recognize patterns
go back to reddit, you have no pattern recognition, "recognising (((patterns)))" is just current thing for you.


Again, its all noise.

Also theres alot of politicians and corporate billionaores whom stand by him.

Trump is not that special. Hes just an outlier pawn of the establishment.

He reimbursed Hillary Clinton for her 2008 presdential campaign.
He was a client of Jeffrey Epstein.
He used illegal immigrants to demolish some buildings to create a resort.

Trump was never gonna build the border wall. He was saying that to secure the vote.

Also, Ted Cruz in 2016 was the only one to call Trump what he really is: "New York values. Pro-choice, pro-minority, etc."

And yet, Cruz got booed off the stage. Cruz was the closest thing to actual conservatism than Trump.


If you think draft is good, then you should be the forst one in the front lines.

Also, society pumps kids full of psych meds which affects reproductive health.


uyghur draft then losing a war is the only way we have a revolution. As soon as they make me I'll go


>Hes just an outlier pawn of the establishment.
They spent his entire presidency trying to get him removed from office and then spent the last 3 years trying to put him in jail. This is not how you treat controlled opposition it is how you treat actual opposition.

>Also theres alot of politicians and corporate billionaores whom stand by him.

The ratio is 1000:1 though.


>If you think draft is good, then you should be the first one in the front lines.
If you think wealth redistribution is good, then you should be the first one to give up your money to a homeless person.
Personal responsibility does not mix well with leftism.


No comrade. I want other people to redistribute their wealth, not mine.. My role as a leftist(tm) is simply to point out how other people should be responsible for fixing everything I don't like.


I remember when Obama was presidemt that Republicans were calking him a commie, a Muslim, etc.

Also, Biden is getting alot of flack and people are cinsodering a max age limit for presidency.


Nice strawman there.

Also, again, if you think draft is good, maybe you should go.Alot of war veterans end up homeless amd negkected.


>I remember when Obama was presidemt that Republicans were calking him a commie, a Muslim, etc.
Yes but you didn't have 24/7 coverage of how terrible he is on every TV channel, newspaper and website all through his presidency. The FBI didn't investigate him, he didn't get indited 3 times, his house didn't get raided, he didn't get arrested. What they're doing to trump is on a completely different level.


>People said bad things about Obama too^^


File: 1700591650395-0.jpg ( 218.01 KB , 1080x731 , Screenshot_2023-11-21-22-2….jpg )

File: 1700591650395-1.jpg ( 312.62 KB , 1080x788 , Screenshot_2023-11-22-01-1….jpg )

I can't decide if this guy's based or not. I like what he's saying tho


Whereas Trump is more pithy one liners designed to tug emotions, Ramaswamy is a bit more lucid, outlining issues in a clear yet still evocative way.


Just because you're racist and don't care about the plights of the white working class doesn't mean their concerns are invalid.


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