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Woke idpol is still the number one threat to leftism as it distracts from class issues. This site is against woke idpol while .ogre is pro woke idpol therefore this site is more leftist than .ogre. Woke idpol is also more dangerous to the left than right wing idpol as it is capitalist thought disguised as leftism.


Glow away. Wokeness isn't real, you're just both-siding while downplaying certain forms of class struggle.


Glowies are the ones who support woke idpol


kill yourself troon idpol is idpol


Go back to .ogre, this thread is such an obvious false flag.


File: 1700345629781.jpg ( 36.41 KB , 400x300 , 1700345613186.jpg )

nice gayop m00dy. No, your dilation doesn't count as a "certain form of class struggle"


Welcome newfag

We hate loonytroon orgfags here. I hope they die of septic shock


File: 1700473085396.mp4 ( 928.83 KB , 456x640 , mematicMeme.mp4 )

Woketards can never understand memes like this, they're anti-culture and probably autisitic


Tbh calling people the n word as a joke over twenty thousand times is kinda cringe.

As bad as woketards are, anti-woke indignation is just as bad


tbf saying "the n-word" instead of пiggег is fag behavior and the primary reason it will always be funny. You don't hear people saying "ha faggot" or "ha cunt" to the same degree because people care less and it isn't as stigmatized despite the efforts of fags to make it so


>tbf saying "the n-word" instead of пiggег is fag behavior
That's because blacks have the magical combination of primitive honor culture + low intelligence. You've seen crime statistics, they will literally murder you over the slightest insult. That's why you can count on a mick or kike or guinea to be mature enough to laugh it off but blacks must always be treated like disabled toddlers holding a box of matches.



Jews will get upset over being callrd greedy merchants.

White conservatives will shoot up the school or mall over being rejected by Stacy in high school.

Also, by "black", do you mean American blacks?

Black Anglo-Americans are the worst. The fact that theyre used as the global archetype for Negroid/Afro-descendant folks is sad.

They never used to be like that.


Irony is, calling someone a cunt is considered more offensive than calling them a fag.

Most insults are assumed to be male-based.

Any insult that implies aiming at certain female demographics is considered misogynist.

Also, again, using ethnic slurs for humor gets tiring very quickly.

Its ok once a while, but not as standard dialogue.


The goal of leftism is to be able to use the n word as many times as you want in a string of n words though


mId tier
can Ever
make Revolution


I'm not sure how you can have class struggle if you're focusing on one group or another's grievances specifically even if the are real. The point of class struggle is to think and organize along class lines. Everything else divides the working class.

So there is a distinction between a movement being open and accepting of any worker, trans or gay or whatever, lgbtq activists detracting from economic issues to push their shit first, which today in north america at least is irrelevant - everyone already has the same rights.

I definitely don't hate trans workers.

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