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When are we going to face the fact that 'the workers' (i.e., waged consumers) are reactionary pieces of shit and capital is on the right side of history?




Egalitarianism is a bourgeois ideology, you only find it in rich countries for a reason. "Racist" to the bourgeois, is to not ignore reality, it's a label of distain. No shit blue-collar workers don't care, and if anything, see it as a positive.


B8 thread


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> workers are reactionary
Good job you learned a new word

> capital is on the right side of history

Capital is just one step in history. Capitalists aren't needed in society, and neither is wage labour. It doesn't make sense anymore so society begins to have problems.

That doesn't mean workers don't still hold all the power.


Preach brother!!
You sound like a fag


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Cope. While (((leftists))) are screeching about socialism on their iphones, our true comrades at Blackrock are putting their money where their mouth is and actually doing something about the climate crises.


they used quotation marks and paranthesized definition for the term "workers".


American blacks are the worst representatives for the African diaspora.

They never used to be like this. It wasnt until the 1960s/70s the ghettoification started.
Then the gangster rap culture of the 1990s made it worse.


Welfare (Democrats, particularly Johnson) + crack (CIA) + gangsta rap (promoted by members of a certain tribe that is overrepresented in media… Go ahead and look up NWAs manager before you reeh out) did a number on the Black community

Now you also have political correctness and the tyranny of lower expectations (democrats and white women) which makes things even worse


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>I'm Blood! I'm Bloo— ACK!


I thought it was caused by redlining and white flight


That narrative was fed to you by liberal white women


I dont think drugs amd welfare alone decimated the American blacks.

White people had drugs as well. Pills,booze, cocaine, opium, etc.

Also the rap music?
White people had mafia/cowboy movies with country music glorifying the outlaws.
They also had welfare.

Redlining and white flight added to the mix is probably a more realistic outcome.

When blacks first started to gain power as American governors in the 1870s, they were lynched and pillaged by white reactionaries.


This guy has never dealt with neurotic white Karens before.

White people will shoot up the schools and malls for not getting the romantic adventurous teenage life they see in movies

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