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If youre over twenty-one and you say that schooldays are "the best years of life", youre dead to me.

You dont deserve to be respected as an adult.
If you whine and bitch and moan about changing pop cultural trends while waste money on kiddie entertainment, you should have your privileges of adulthood revoked.

Millennials and Gen X folks with their slacker/Disney Adult culture and advocacy to raise the age of majority are ruining the art of adulthood even faster than Baby Boomers.

We should have special resorts that mimic schoop environments for failed adults.

You will have your legal rights for booze, sex, porn, etc removed.
You will have curfew.
You will have endless academic sessions.

If you escape you will be shot on sight.

If you wish to opt out, you will undergo intense psychological rehab.

It should be semi-privately run.

Either that or a Logan's Run scenario.


My school days were awful and I hated them at the time, but I still look back on them fondly. Being an adult is objectively shit.


Is being an adult shit.

Or are you just shit.

Honest question


If you're poor and ugly like me, adult life is going to be shit. Granted it could be worse, I could have ended up in prison or a junkie.


ITT: Zoomers desperately want an excuse to be dejected, jaded, and repressed by their elders like millennials, actually, were because zoomers want an excuse to lash out like the retards they are.


t. millennial whom wants an excuse to be jaded retard to compensate for lack of contributing to society so they blame zoomers for everything wrong when blaming boomers wasnt enough.


Being ugly and broke as a kid is much worse than in adulthood.


Most people whom say adulthood sucks just have major skill issues.
Ot amazes me that even the social rejects of the playground prefer childhood. Its Stockholm Syndrome.



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