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Why does leftypol deny that color is a class?


Because it isn't


File: 1702178709600.png ( 413.93 KB , 960x398 , UkraineWarVideoReport-ipgs….png )

>Be chattel slaves until 1940 via convict leasing system.
>Be enslaved today for non violent crimes
>Not a class.
Why are settlers like this?


What is class bro? What is it?


What does this have to do with class? You realize "class" as defined by Marxists is based around the ownership of productive force, right? This is why cancerous troon saka fags are so fucking dumb.


fuck I need these baddies in my life


Your relation to the MoP.
>Slaves have the small relation to MoP as middle class settlers living comfortably in suburbs.


File: 1703019985917.jpg ( 761 KB , 1680x2583 , Karl on BLM, LGBT and femi….jpg )

Then which class is red, the color that live in tax free havens and receive public money?
Which class is yellow, the ones who make more money and end up higher of the hierarchy compared to whites?
Which class is Indians from India, the people who now control all of the GAFAMS?

This is a game of divide and conquer. There is a reason why the social medias and journos promote it instead of hiding it.


I fucking know that I'm asking OP because he thinks its colours or some shit.


Back to the camp, uyghur.
When you will finally get retarded enough from the constant working for the betterment of the whole humankind & forget how to treat persons differently by the physiological characteristics of their bodies, then & only then you will get the right to speak.

Cumskinoids tamed you well, it seems.

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