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>stephen hawking is on the epstein list


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That makes me sad.


boymoder sex


Just being on the list doesn't mean you were fucking kids.


I don't see how he could rape anyone when he is wheelchair bound


That's what they want you to think.


File: 1704632015048.png ( 158.85 KB , 255x255 , 1565069225998.png )

>“Yes, he liked watching undressed midgets solve complex equations on a too-high-up chalkboard.”


Epstein had a sense of humour


I wish this were real


who else attending


Epsteon's connections were known years ago. How are people just finding out?
Reaks of psy-opping tbh.


Not everyone's th time and energy to read the entirety of the leaked flight logs.


yeah riiiiight

what does it mean then? why else would you fly to pedo island? to give a lecture on black holes lol?

Schrodinger would be proud


Does being on that plane in particular mean they flew to the island? Is that the only location the plane went?


Why is it so hard for you to accept that one of the most intelligent men of the last century fucking LOVED cunny?


Alot of our great prominent intellectuals of past and present were hebephiles.


pedo is anyone that hasnt hit puberty yet.

Hebephikia is when you go for pubescent youths


Its fucking retarded to think that everyone Epstein talked to is/was a pedophile.




What is the purpose of differentiating between different types of kiddie diddlers? Seems like you're going to say one of them is okay actually.


Maybe they aren't all pedophiles but they knowingly hang out and associate withe pedophiles.


it does make a difference.

Having sex with a toddler is way worse than having sex with a teenager.


>What is the purpose of differentiating between different types of kiddie diddlers?
It's like calling everybody a nazi. You're just creating a noise and training people to filter it out. Then when someone actually rapes a 5 year old you have nothing to say because "pedo" doesn't mean anything anymore.


Yeah but it's kind of a slippery slope where you can go ahead and say, well what happened on Epstein's island isn't a big deal because it's not as bad as. Is that really something you want to have to defend?


no one is dismissing the Epstein fiasco. What is happening is the opposite. Young adults are gonna be even more infantilized than they already are.


>pedofag indulges in relativism to whitewash his social degeneracy
Who knew?


>be crippled in a wheelchair
>hang out with a bunch of nazi eugenicists


bro cheated on his wife as a cripple
typical sex pest
british nonce


his wife was cucking him no? she looks like a hoe


Hawking was on the, uh… "lists" before all this. Like, the flight logs iirc had him in it when they were released years ago, if not those then the black book.

It's a bad thing, although I think it's suspect that almost everything I see about this is dumb "memey" posts about Hawking. You know, of course people focus on the dead crippled genius and not the multiple living ex-presidents, princes, politicians, current presidents, sick rich fucks, etc. How convenient that people only talk about Hawking!

You know, looking over how this came up… it seems like it was a pretty awkward topical pivot, but I don't respect this thread much to begin with, so I'll entertain it.

I really do think this hyper-reactive use of "pedophile" is bizarre. I understand that, a decade-or-two-ago, it was just the go-to term for torches-and-pitchforks people, but not everybody has to be full retard all the time. It seems insane to me that people who claim to take the accusation seriously at all would insist upon just ignoring the definitive role puberty has in making pedophilia what it is - like seeing people use it, not even just in relation to arbitrary regional laws, but even very insistently in relation to any age gap in general is baffling. They genuinely just expect to use the term without any regard for what makes it uniquely bad and act like it's some kind of moral stance, like just being willfully ignorant of why a child who hasn't hit puberty yet does not have the physical capacity to understand sex and consent is something they're proud of. It's obtuse and fucking stupid and it displays an incredible naivety about how prepubescent children process sexual abuse.

Likewise, it's bizarre how people act as though the label needs to be applied to any case of rape committed against teenagers. Like, even if Epstein only trafficked underaged girls and raped them and had other guys rape them for power and profit… that's an incredibly heinous fucking crime whether or not it happened to pre-pubescent kids. You don't need pedophilia to make it bad, he was a fucking evil rapist and the people who raped with him and knew what he was doing and allowed it to keep happening need to be brought to justice; they are monsters, and they need to be stopped or they will keep raping teenage girls.

Fwiw, though, Epstein was also accused of raping/trafficking girls as young as 11. I'm leaning towards that being true! Iirc his only convictions were for 14+ y/o girls, but he probably was also either a genuine pedophile or at least servicing pedophiles, I'm not interested in splitting hairs over 11. If this one thing wasn't true (and I'm leaning towards it being true!), that wouldn't make Epstein and Maxwell not monsters.


One thing I agree with is that female youth gets too much attention, both the wholesome and perverted kinds.

Male youths are left to rot in jails or war zones or sweatshops.

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