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Are black people with blue eyes hyperborean and/or aryan souls reincarnated?


Proof of reincarnation of different souls within different races
As plato (socrates) says in republic, two metals can give birth to a new sort of metal


uygha doesn't understand basic genetics.


Gene expression is the shape of the soul in physiognomy
Mozart was *born* with the ability to play the piano like certain souls are born with blue eyes


Take your meds skitzo. Souls don't exist. It's a brave new world and God is dead.


Ah, but as the world controller in brave new world says; there is a god, but he has different manifestations in different ages. Today we live in god's own absence of himself, but this will reverse one day and we will be enshrined in his wisdom.


This is meaningless psychobabble.


Aryans can only become communists. They cannot leave their present world as it is, the state of which doesn't allow for producing of more aryans to accompany their level of development & which is unable to let them put their limited time of presence to their best use.
The only untermenschen though would be the faschizos, who have so little dignity in them that they can only cope by stealing it from others, & make it so in all ways that nobody can surpass them & their sorry level of matter-time-consuming existence.

Gas the chuds, chrono-race war now.


This is true to an extent


Irony is, theres just as mich if not more ethnic diversity in 4chan pol than in HuffPost

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