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People in their thirties be like:


And yet they still whinr about boomers yet wanna use the midlife crisis card to prove their seniority.

Theyre in their third decade of adolescence.
The average postmodern adult in their thirties and forties is hairy chubby adolescent character.
Look at our contet creators amd demographics of toy collectors.


That board is insufferable.
>Good point
<But askuhlly pedantic response
If I'm 30 and still on imageboards and forums, I'm killing myself.


I wonder if imageboards will age with their population like classic forums and it will be known as the "millennial platform" to gen beta or whatever. I like boomer style forums like eRegime sniper's hide and the firing line


>If I'm 30 and still on imageboards and forums, I'm killing myself


too easy. just do all the stuff you want to do without fear of death and by the end, who knows? maybe you won't want to rope anymore


I wish it were that simple.


just fuck an ugly 30+ bitch if you're that subhuman. I'm willing to bet it will improve your confidence and land you a 4+/10 within 5 years age diff with enough work.
Good advice I heard was pretend you're a serial killer who can only kill at your house then when you finally land one just fuck instead of killing. Worked for me unironically. Just lie like it's a job interview especially if short term.


Why did you immediately assume this was about sex? We're not even on the /r9k/ board.


are you new? that's what the majority of fags cry about here


Well it's true in my case but I'm sure there are others who feel differently.


With the exception of 7chan, mpst other imageboards are obnoxious psuedointellectuals.

Also, dont worry about still using imageboards after thirty. Alot of patrons on inageboards are late twenties/early thirties.



Unfortunately, most imageboard users are postpubescent losers whom constantly whine about missng out on adolescent hallmarks in their childhood.
Then they turn around and conplain about "underage b8"


I tried to respond back but they banned me.


File: 1707180415972.png ( 54.69 KB , 167x226 , 6f8be95e6d04ad7b7383160180….png )

Oh look, this thread again.
How about you go outside and touch grass OP?
The concept of "being a heckin adult!" Is a fairly new and patriarchal concept that comes from the fucking feudal era when life expectancy was 40 years.

People have a right to enjoy whatever the fuck they want. God its so annoyin hearing some seething loser online bitching about people actually enjoying life. The small margin of people who literally play with children's toys because they have a psychological fetish for actin like a child are one thing, but, people who play video games and wear band t shirts in their 30s are just people enjoying their lives. Get over your gay and boring spooks fag.


I think optimistically people with more leisure time would be more capable of developing time intensive "adult" skills like gardening or woodworking. I think collecting toys and video games are only as popular as they are for ease of access. There's also undeniably a social aspect of video games that incentivizes young men to pick up the controller just like it inspires many other young men to pick up the bottle and drink socially. Without a doubt these activities will be preserved under socialism even if they are destructive in some capacity


Actually childhood is a new concept.
And people actually lived for long time back then. Infant mortality was higher back then.
Also I dont look dowm on adults for wanting to emjoy childhood stuff. The problem is, alot of these are the Disney Adult kind.

Theyre the ones whom whine about "kids these days ruining muh heckin pop culture".


>Without a doubt these activities will be preserved under socialism even if they are destructive in some capacity

Are you implying that young men playing video games is pathological?

It should not be compared to alcoholism which is rapant with middle aged men


not always no of course not. but it has the capacity like many things to become pathological. It's just an example


The way people enjoy entertainment today would not be the same in a socialist society. Entertainment today is behind a walked garden where only those who can afford their experience can enjoy it. This alienation to the product of peoples labors creates a certain psychology; a fetish, if you will, about the commodities people purchase and consume. In the first world this alienation is felt before production in the form of general alienation from the things produced, mainly, over seas by cheap labor and after in the form of soyboys who swoon over the newest switch or ps600, or, whatever it may be. The commodity becomes held above all else through our alienation from it. In a socialist society this relationship would be broken down and people could experience things not vicariously, but, directly as intended with no barriers to their consumption.


well it has to start with going back to free range play for kids.
Adults base their own moral/easthetic compass on childhood experiences.


File: 1707241152366.jpg ( 43.92 KB , 520x693 , fetish.jpg )

I understand what you are saying but this isn't traditional commodity fetishism. Commodity fetishism is how we are able to relate products to each other using abstract human labor but we are ignorant that we are doing this. University definitions harp more on "social relations" but all marx is talking about is how bringing commodities to market as a value influence social relations such as how things are produced and distributed. What you are talking about is mostly just about use value from entertainment.
Likewise alienation is a 1844 concept by the maturing Marx where he says a lot of half baked ideas you can get away with ignoring in favor of reading his later works unless you're some kind of historian. It's Marx when he's fist taking the leap from "ideological" to "theoretical" writing and is fun to read but don't let it confuse you.


fair point. But video games gets far too much pathologising by technophobic boomers and aesthetic conservative post-boomers.

Meanwhile, smoking cigars and drinking booze is hailed as "classic masculine activity".
Or watching football and wrestling.




It already is.


Seriously though, Im tired of people exaggerating the values of age numbers.
Especially the lower ones.

Like, why do people treat thirty as some special era?
I tire of people whining about feeling old just because they can not relate to goofy cartoon cukture anymore.

Ypu have not had your first heart attck yet.

And if you do, ypu have shitty genes.

Also, by right, people should begin adulting by their mid-teens but we made the mistake of extending childhood to twenty and introducing a segregated cultural sphere to trap the youth in.


Honestly if im 30, which ill be in 3 years, i will simply just bang an 18 year old who has daddy issues. if im not in a stable relationship by then i will simply get a vasectomy and consoom so there is little to no risk.


If you do get a stable reationship, you would have to be rich, talented, handsome, and a good career.


exactly. which is why im probably getting a vasectomy, consooming, and dating girls who just turned 18. I am specifically thinking the ones with crazy died hair like pink, blue, green etc. worst case scenario is herpes which I have come to terms with. I am actively getting vaccinated for hpv as well so that wont be a problem.

Changing to the subject of the larp "You will live in a pod, you will own nothing, and you will be happy" does anyone know a major metropolitan city with good public transit and cheap, high quality internet where i could live in a literal pod (micro studio with a kitchen and bathroom) I would appreciate it very much


File: 1708222693862.gif ( 419.47 KB , 300x224 , ag842.gif )

>2020 was 4 years ago


I wonder how many anons from the election are still around today.


Listen, thirty is not old.

Its just that society decides that 30 is the start of "true adulthood" because we thought tĥe twenties was supposed to be extended teenagehood.

Also, Millennial progressives will say youre a pedphile for fucking 18 year old girls even though theyre of age.

Its weird I know.

In fact, I think innocence naturally dies at age five.


>Innocences diesmat age five

Not all of us were molested by our step dad's anons.


thats not what I mean.

"Innocence" doesnt always mean sexual purity.

What I mean by innocence here is "not knowing between right and wrong" in the primal sense.


In the primal sense?
What primal sense? This sounds like some pure ideology to me.


In the primal sense means that children by age five can abd do have personal incentives.

But, society pathologises children for developing worldly instincts.

Thats why people love to say "children are inherently evil".

Children do have the capacity for evil not unlike adults, but that dosnt make them aùtomatically evil.

All Im saying is that adults dont want kids to have any ounce of agency or worldly awareness.




File: 1711245842872.jpg ( 374.98 KB , 719x1312 , Screenshot_20240323_220304….jpg )



.net has threads about getting the wymmin's to just post where .ogre just has women posting.

Go figure.


File: 1711272254383.mp4 ( 312.98 KB , 828x412 , 1504605524674945033.mp4 )



come again?


File: 1711281887921.jpg ( 34.43 KB , 400x660 , C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….jpg )

Merzbow is so based. This guy is almost 70, yet he is still doing, what he did in his 20s. True Gigachad.


I'm 31 and the reason I post here, is that I don't know any better place. Where else should I go? Reddit?? Instagram??


Theres 7chan.
Also, tbh, thirties and forties are no different from teens and twenties.

I would say fifty is the start of "maturation".


I like his music, but, man he's pretentious as fuck.


This is totally normal. All true artists, politicians, philosophers are ALWAYS pretentious.


The worst part is how people rationalise it.
People are sympathetic towards artists and philosophers than politicians though.

Artists could be domestic abusers, sell tgeir kids into sex slavery, abandon them to pursue other partners and whatnot and people still love them.


Very true, but this is the only thing you can do, if you want to enjoy anything. We are all humans and we all have some skeletons in our closets. My favourite authors are all total assholes, but I still love their work.


…you say this as if it doesn't apply equally to politicians. Look at the US presidential candidates ffs.


Theres a degree of moral tolerance.
Im just amused and annoyed st how boomers and their juniors glorify John Lennon as some "misunderstood man" when he bullied/patronised his first wife, Cynthia.
He also takd shot about his bandmates andother associates. He dumped then them for Yoko Ono and splurged on drugs and shitty avant garde music


Trump is seen as a rock n roll president.

Theres even a Daily Show episode that mentions it.


>step 1: invest in identity as your cope of choice
>step 2: continuously lose your belonging to identity by means which are out of your control, aging, for instance
>step 3: kill yourself
Read Frankfurtfags, fags. Belonging to a race will not save you from being a living hollow shell who cannot help but understand its hollowness all the time.

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