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< Woman may carry ex-partner's DNA in offspring.
< Study tests telegony with flies.
< Telegony theory: old idea of mates influencing offspring. Ancient Greece (4th century BCE)
< Suggests past partners affect future offspring, even with a different father. (4th century BCE)
< Historically accepted but later debunked: Early 20th century (1900s)
< Involves traits of past partners impacting genetic makeup
< Once used to discourage mating across social classes or races: Throughout history, notably during periods of rigid social stratification
< Debated concept with limited scientific backing
< Implies traits can be inherited from non-biological parents
< Raises questions about the nature of genetic inheritance
< Considered controversial within scientific community
< Lack of conclusive evidence in humans
< More commonly studied in animal models
< Male flies' diet manipulated for size
< Offspring size affected by mother's previous mate's diet
< Traits from one mate can pass to offspring of another
< Seminal fluid molecules may influence offspring
< Non-genetic factors affect genetics
< Uncertain if phenomenon exists in other species
< No evidence for humans, but possibility not ruled out
< Ethical issues hinder human research


File: 1709476968969.jpg ( 58.58 KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )

I don't believe in that. You shouldn't either. Believe in God.


look at this simp preaching about God while kneeling down to suck off a walking cum dumpster. Your goddamn moral compass is about as straight as the whore's back when she's getting you pegged. spare us your sanctimonious crap and wake the fuck up to reality


Eat a bag of dicks you loser ass bitch, nobody brought up pegging except you, you must be thinking about it a lot huh. How bout you wake up and stop living through the internet like some disillusioned alienated bitch before you end up like this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Adolf_Hitler


keep simping,keep sucking up to those cum dumpsters, Keep kissing the feet of every whore who gives you the time of day


File: 1709522789649.gif ( 31.16 KB , 220x165 , 1709522752776.gif )

lol keep coping


File: 1709537541730.mp4 ( 18.14 MB , 1280x720 , 0.mp4 )

lol keep simping


You exist to eat my scraps. Plenty of people live fulfilling lives from this arrangement but you've decided that that's not what you want. Completely fair, it's your own choice. But don't turn around and seethe that no woman will love you. You've opted out uygha that's what's going to happen. I don't think you've really checked out through but I question if you're taking advantage of this limited time opportunity. Have you attempted to pick up a bitch or are you waiting around for one. I'll tell you right now that it won't happen with the latter strategy.


You exist to eat Chad scraps. Plenty of people live fulfilling lives from this arrangement you've decided that that's what you want. Completely fair, it's your own choice. turn around and simp no woman will love you. You've opted uygha that's what's going to happen. I think you've really checked through but I question this "opportunity". Have you attempted to pick up an unspoiled woman or are grasping at straws. I'll tell you right now that it won't happen with the latter strategy.


are you claiming my highschool girlfriend got hymen reconstruction at 17? Getting a virgin gf is super easy though comes with some hurdles. They might be too tight and sex might be uncomfortable for them at first. They also just tend to lay there instead of being more active. Almost half of my GFs have been at least inexperienced and claiming virgin if not verifiably virginal. Join a church bro it will be easier for a fag like you


File: 1709857488286.png ( 199.89 KB , 433x290 , 12.png )

Join a cum dump bro it will be easier for a fag like you


This was why virgins were needed for magical sacrifice…


This is a moot point. Family is a reactionary product of bourgeois capitalist mode of production. In the future children will be raised by the communist state. What is communism if not the abolishment of the present state of things? That includes family.


fuck u op ur a fuckin uyghur


Thats why my children look like the united nations.
Damn I wonder what this poster looks like
Poor analysis.


It's over if you don't find a virgin life partner early in life.


>communist state
How did you even manage to produce such a combo & fuck this all up this badly?


File: 1714063704076.mp4 ( 3.76 MB , 270x360 , pkv6qvz266.mp4 )

fried brain


File: 1714180693391.png ( 271.01 KB , 950x800 , 167530993304153466.png )

microchimerism and chimeras

basically all the cum from chads stays inside the woman and becomes part of her DNA (and transferred onto her children)

its not a pseudoscience, its just as real as dogpill


Isn't it only if they got pregnant?


The idea of telegony goes back to Aristotle. It states that individuals can inherit traits not only from their fathers, but also from other males previously known to their mothers. in other words, fatherhood is not indivisible: paternity can be partitioned.

From Infogalactic



This post >>153550 seems to suggest it's only if they get pregnant then the subsequent children inherit the DNA of the previous fathers.


File: 1714185168468.png ( 890.41 KB , 1048x1487 , 167530993304153594.png )

its complete pseudoscience
the only basis is a study about female FLIES


File: 1714185860576.png ( 79.72 KB , 253x247 , 167530993304153632.png )

It’s probably more true mentally than physically.


Shut up cuck


Cuckolding doesn't matter because race is a meme and you want superior genetics to propagate


File: 1714235431915.png ( 3.75 MB , 3000x2392 , 167530993304153342.png )



File: 1714248651056.png ( 176.25 KB , 438x720 , 167530993304153559.png )

>Cuckolding doesn't matter


"Communists are gonna make my toothbrush communal" tier


File: 1714850614443.mp4 ( 4.31 MB , 270x360 , 167530993304153739.mp4 )



These guys are too ugly for me to take serious


Don't be racist


File: 1714856870761-0.webm ( 1.48 MB , 1280x720 , biggest_dick.webm )

File: 1714856870761-1.jpg ( 1.02 MB , 3000x2000 , cfc65ec767834bac8d2c65e81c….jpg )

I'm not racist, I have posted pro-brown men content before + masturbated to brown cock porn.


Positive Racist, Too? Ayy


File: 1714871667810.jpg ( 368.78 KB , 1920x2540 , 167530993304153139.jpg )

As someone who would prefer a partner with fewer previous sexual partners, I disagree with the idea that its due to a lack of confidence or a need to control the woman, I also think that women should prefer men with fewer sexual partners. In my mind, once you’re committed a relationship strongly enough to have slept together, thats a sign of commitment, with marriage of course being a life-long commitment. Someone with many previous partners has demonstrated a lack of ability to stick to that commitment, and thus is less likely to be as committed to the relationship as i would be. of course if a girl was with someone when she was a stupid teenager, was taken against her will, didnt know what she was getting into, etc. im not thats shes uncommited, that’d be absurd. But the more partners someones split with, the higher the likelihood is that they’d do it again.


This is why people were wed when they were young.

Also, being with someone as a "stupid teen" isnt really a bad thing.

Imo, we need to bring back courting lessons.


the guys arent ugly


virtue signalling, why don't you go suck his dick then


File: 1714914405387.mp4 ( 299.69 KB , 640x360 , 167530993304153752.mp4 )

He's right though nice try, fed.


File: 1715038644796.mp4 ( 488.12 KB , 480x360 , 170947696896.mp4 )



File: 1716260581136.mp4 ( 8.19 MB , 480x360 , 167530993304153738.mp4 )

>Isn't it only if they got pregnant?


did this guy just say someone could move objects with their mind? bruh why would you post this


File: 1716302332469.png ( 275.23 KB , 590x285 , 6.png )

>bruh why would you post this
dialectical materialism and communist lunacy so advanced that is indistinguishable from magic. we needed to post it

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