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School and prison are the same. In both places you are stripped of your freedom and dignity. You are told exactly what you must do, and you are punished for failing to comply. Actually, in school you must spend more time doing exactly what you are told to do than is true in adult prisons, so in that sense school is worse than prison


in prison there was a serial killer who got breast implants, did drugs and sex with fellow inmates.
Mad Thad the Youtuber turned pedo had lots of gay sex in jail and he said he enjoyed it


School is more similar to wage-slaving.


Wage slaving at least has more autonomy.

Even the worst type of adult still has his autonomy respected.
And yes school is worse than prison because it was designed to be loke them.

But whats worst of all is how adults compare work to prison and romanticise school.

They think schooldays are the Edenic phase on life.


It's mental wage-slavery except you don't even get a wage unless your country has student welfare.


Well with school you don't have to have results, unlike work were you have to produce results otherwise you get fired. If you fail school it's a you problem, so if you don't care you have more freedom than at work.


Yep, school is just glorified wage-slave retraining. Consequence of class-based education.

They most likely romanticize school because of youth, socialization, and lack of responsibility.


School isn't worse than prison, you don't get to leave prison at the end of a day.


This is what Im talking about.
You may not care about results in school but youre forced to have to repeat grades. Also you can always find another job thats fitting to your pace.

Getting fored from work is more a you problem than school.


see >>152886 is one of these brainwashed idiots who bekieves school is btter than work.

Again the pop culture promoting school as the golden days of life has driven afulta to force kids to adapt more excessive academic activities to keep them "busy".

Childhood bltakes up one fifth of the lifespan whereas adulthood takes up the rest.
If we were to invert this, alot of people would be more appreciative of adulthood.


People don't see youth as golden because of school, people see youth as golden because, you know, they're often better physically during the last portion of it than they are later on. Also because, you know, it defines you to a large extent and it's a period where the future is ahead of you, there's a very strong illusion at that age that stuff will get better, and for some it does.

A lot of people fall way out after all this. Friends are left behind, connections are lost, and as this goes on, their bodies begin to fall apart. If they're lucky, they will work dull, pointless jobs for the rest of their lives, running out of energy, decaying, bloating, living like rotting corpses, only to barely be able to afford to continue such a lifestyle. They look back to a period where they had more energy, more hair, more hope, and they say that, even with the flaws of subjugation acknowledged, they have some fondness for those recollections. Of course, some of them had a genuinely good school experience, too; plenty of teachers are more agreeable than plenty of bosses… that's not really the main point, though.


thabks for priving my point.
You are still cucked by the pop culture promoting schooldays as the bst years of your life.

The philosophy that youth is innocence and that naivete and ignoranxe is necessary for youth is backhanded compliments that sabotages potential.

If we abolished the morality higbox of innocemce and allowed kids worldly awareness and agency, youth would be appreciated more outside of retrospective artifacts.


>plenty of teachers are more agreeable than plenty of bosses… that's not really the main point, though.


This guy must be living in a wonderland. Most teacgers are more euphemistic and are easily indignant about kids expressing cyncal opinions.

Bosses on the other hand are more empathetic towards personal disagreements even under duressof firing you.


File: 1713963520336.png ( 1.27 MB , 1164x1168 , 26749 - SoyBooru.png )

>school is prison


>these are the best years of your life!



I can see your point OP.

One of my primary issues with school is that I had to be enclosed in the same space as 75 𝕀ℚ wannabe gangbangers with violent tendencies. It's difficult to create an environment for learning when everyone has to cater to these retards constantly. Which in a way is similar to prison because first time offenders get locked up alongside career criminals and psychopaths, destroying any chance of rehabilitation.


in the US it gets better in public schools since they basically segregate the people who have a future in complex labor starting in high school with AP classes and practical classes like shop trig culinary arts or stagecraft



well the problem is they wanna treat all kids as the same.

They start too late in high school. But the worst is that most parents feel pressured to enroll kids into advanced courses.


I remember being in third grade and thinking this exact thing and looking at the seagulls during recess and being jealous that they can just fly away to anywhere.

Then like talking to kids at school I thought I was odd for thinking that since no one else seemed to mind school as much as I did.

But later I thought about the prison analogy again and it made even more sense: it's authoritarian, promotes individualism (no collaborating on assignments, that's CHEATING), uses negative reinforcement (punishment) to teach, and the whole thing is set up as obedience training for being a wage cuck later in life without really the option to leave.


I think it causes trauma, like how prisoners who have done time that can't function outside prison and prefer it in there.


people will blame social media or electronocs in general for youth malcontent.

Yet if ypu go back to the days before electronic media, kids were more wild.
It was legal for kids to bully each other to death.
Kids could legally smoke.
You could drop out and start work.

Kids nowadays are ironically more docile.
I overhear alot of school workers complain about cell phones and claim they increase delinquency.

I domt agree with them. Its the forced crammimg of so many students in one building.


File: 1714121587656.jpg ( 356.92 KB , 700x525 , e96d1e88c2ffbe7ca07f985b5c….jpg )

Class society and prison are the same. In both situations you are stripped of your freedom and dignity. You are told exactly what you must do, and you are punished for failing to comply. Actually, in class society you must spend more time doing exactly what you are told to do than is true in adult prisons, so in that sense class society is worse than prison


This is what the chikdhood nostalgia is.

Most adults downplay or dismiss the absurd unnecessary dredgery of academia as "necessary".


It's also why people have a hard time rejecting capitalism or even civilisation as a whole.


Has anyone here actually been in jail or prison?


File: 1714327946628.png ( 612.95 KB , 1280x720 , 167530993304153455.png )

Brazen bull all teachers


people say society is youth oriented despite the vast majority of restrictions amd contempt are held against young people.


File: 1714330355372.png ( 243.91 KB , 547x263 , 167530993304153.png )

i don't think that thinking of people as humans is a good idea. the crimes they have committed has gone way past mere declarations of war.


what about human rights?


File: 1714331329778.jpg ( 2.69 KB , 55x91 , 167530993304153208.jpg )

Human rights are a meme.


Wrong. Humans are people.

That diesnt mean theyre perfect.

"Man is abive the animals" is an ego crutch used by religiopolitical conservatives.

Democracy is a farce.
People talk about "rights" as an excuse to erase people they dont like.


File: 1714471078465.jpg ( 204.92 KB , 1043x1280 , 1641283920.jpg )



File: 1714868465835.png ( 21.78 KB , 96x136 , 167530993304153573.png )

The only efficient way of learning is based on an incremental, explorative, coherent, and non-interfering build up of new memories that underlie reasoning


There really isn't any personal benefit to schooling beyond middle school for most people. Almost no one does more than elementary math/reading/writing in their job. Why children also make very good laborers. Most labor doesn't involve that much skill or thinking.

But still worth maybe keeping a few years of school beyond elementary to teach critical thinking skills, which are sorely lacking in the USA, plus some basic computer skills, which are way more beneficial than almost everything you learn after elementary school.


society is oriented around working and eating and shopping, 3 things americans need to do much, much less of


"Crotical thinking" is just a meme thrown around to jusyify locking up kids for a few extra years.
In fact I think alot of things should be taught earlier in life.

Computer literacy especially.


Youre also forgettng watching TV/movies


Not only is school prison I think real life has come to reflect the drab boringness of the prison construct. Every architectural design choice in modern society looks like it was hand crafted by the pixies ceos from the fairly odd parents so that's its as boring and unintrusive as possible. It's all just monotone boring colors next to Grey back drops. Just like prison.


what is an example of architecture than u like, can u link a photo?

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