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we must make our own nation. Look at the Prophet Mohammed as an example. Land is cheap in Russia. More women than men thanks to war. Plenty of guns. As long as we don't threaten Putin, we can grow for a long time. Indistinguishable from a cult at the start. Nationhood comes much later. Ancient Rome was founded. We can do it too.


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>trust me bro


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Which language would we speak?


File: 1714336410760-0.jpg ( 241.77 KB , 1080x1497 , Robert Owen's utopian soci….jpg )

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This uygha reincarnated


File: 1714336890296.png ( 453.6 KB , 716x719 , 167530993304153430.png )

The language of Aphrodite, the one language we all speak


You speak nothing but the Truth, Great Prophet.


The Amish are making things work. Why not us?




>Land is cheap in Russia
>More women than men thanks to war
>Plenty of guns
>As long as we don't threaten Putin
who doesn't exist
>we can grow for a long time. Indistinguishable from a cult at the start.
In r*ssia, anything that's not cucking itself to the ROC gets FSB'd out of existence. Good luck with that, faggot.

Also, in general, 'at's a nice set of pendejoid talking points you've provided here. I can only guess how the locals would treat a nation of yours after hearing all this stuff, esp. the note about free cunts to fill with immigrant seed kek.


File: 1714574235760.jpeg ( 19.52 KB , 474x458 , th-4259971333.jpeg )

>Look at the Prophet Mohammed as an example.


File: 1714577854220.png ( 383.05 KB , 440x660 , 167530993304153563.png )

government pretends every man has the opportunity to earn enough to feed his family. Not like Afghanistan where 10 year old boys prostitute themselves to feed their mother or America where men sell their plasma or sell drugs or have their girlfriend on Onlyfans
The Prophet Mohammed helped his followers get married. Religions and cults all around the world help get followers married. The Moonies in South Korea are famous for getting their followers arrange marriaged even if the couple never met before the wedding. Mormons? Same thing.
Even today, militias in South Sudan and terrorist groups around the Islamic world offer marriages to new recruits.


bruh mormons don't arrange marriage except maybe FLDS. It's just a more limited dating pool if you want to date strictly mormon so it seems people put up more with each other's shortcomings. Plus you get a ton of clout for going on exotic missions to the point that you can be a 5'3" balding autist and still have a 5/10 gf because you served in Peru. Incels should unironically convert and move to Utah.


What if I'm Latinx?


even better. mormons are xenophiles. I'm black and I used to get mormon bitches


Shes has a nice forehead


How black are you?


I heard he voted for biden


>the Prophet Mohammed
Why did he prophesy? Anything more accurate than Nostradamus?


The Curse of Ham wasn't a hangup for them?


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