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At what age should you walk away from starting a family? Is there a cut off age?


bumping will be back in an hour



i think people should stop trying to procreate after thity.

Especially sinxe so many people whine about feeling old at that age.

Also by that age youre already knee deep in jobs.

Imo if you wamt to have kids you should have preliminary training.

Most adults nowadays have little to no home training let alone mechanical skills.

Yet they feel entitled to have kids and a spouse that they will eventually take for granted.


For men any age is fine to start a family but for women 35 is already late.


File: 1715326907668.gif ( 171.95 KB , 160x141 , 1714787524711447.gif )

>for women 35 is already late.
I thought it is 25-years?
>For men any age is fine
I thought it was 45-years?


Men don't have a biological clock like women.


File: 1715329129689.png ( 22.65 KB , 260x180 , 167530993304153560.png )

A father's age can also affect a baby's health at birth and later in life. One study revealed that babies who are born to men 45 or older were 14% more likely to be admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), 14% more likely to be born premature, 18% more likely to have seizures
Older men likely to have Daughters make of that what you will


I don't think it's worth it after your late teens/early 20's.

Bio cut-off should be early 40's for men and mid 30's for women.


Women may age like milk but men dont age like wine.

15 - 27 is the range for fertility for both sexes.

Its a shame that hebephobic postmodern soxiety uses "muh braindeveloomemt" to discourage yoyng peolle from their rightful mantle of adulthood.

Also the sociobiological cutoff for men should be the same for women.

The real peoblem is that our modern culture doesnt train the young for adulthood.
Adulthood is treated like some big kids treehouse club where you need to be "this tall to ride."
Adulthood has been reduced to legality of consumership.


The means of semen production, just like any other materiel, lose their quality over time too you schizo. Older faggots produce the most amount of actual autists & other brainded retards who then go on to become leftists or their troon diaper nutsoys brethren.
We should instate gubbermint control over oldfags for without enforced ball tying these mouthbreathers would only reproduce their misery. Imagine having to designate people over maintaining this tardspawn when you can just prevent this burden in the 1st place.


>15 - 27 is the range for fertility for both sexes.
>Also the sociobiological cutoff for men should be the same for women.
The range for peak fertility for men and women is about the same but men do have a slighter larger window than women.
>The real problem is that our modern culture doesnt train the young for adulthood.
True, school is just glorified wagie training with a mix of daycare. With the breakdown of the family unit in modern capitalist society, young people are basically raised by school, mass media, etc.
>Its a shame that hebephobic postmodern soxiety uses "muh braindeveloomemt" to discourage yoyng peolle from their rightful mantle of adulthood.
Ironically this stunts people even more and prevents their brains from developing properly.


The brain developmemt theory is ironically used by marketers to sell more security devices to neurotic parents to further infantilise the young.

How do you explain that a century ago, at age twenty you were already made whereas nowadays even at thirty-five youre still struggling?

We should have mamdatory health screening for people who wanna have kids.
It should start in middle school as annual checkups.


I blame videogames and other forms of escapism being so prevalent because how dogshit life is for the average prole.


Stop blaming video games and other recreational devices.

Its the socio-legal system.
Compulsory schooling, anti-worldly kids programming, and child labor exemption


Maybe not the direct cause but they are definitely part of the problem and reinforce infantile culture.


the real root of the problem is the moral philosophy that "youth is innocence".

Kids are pathologosed for worldly instincts.

Adults mock and patronise kids for being innocent but then get offended by when they display precocious traits.

"Let kids be kids because childhood is short".

People think childhood is the goal of life now rather than some phase to grow out of.

Most of our childrearing is nine tenths about smothering and psychological castration.


Who the fuck wants to be an adult, shit is so miserable.


My parents bred in their 40s. Dad was almost 50 actually

Ye i like to tell myself that's why i'm such a fuckup in life. Reality is that there isn't that much of a significant difference

Also it's underrated having young parents you can share stuff with. uyghas take it for granted


Adulthood is way better than childhood.
You dont have to abide by curfew, you can drink and smoke, you can move away from domestic dysfuntcion, and treat yourself.

The problem is people throw away their newfound postpubescent freedom for college and relationships.


This. Peoppe think under thirty is too young for parenting nowadays so because of that, generational gaps are even more exaggerated.
You have less energy to keep up and are easily more irate.

This is why we should re-introduce grandparents.
Imo, retirees should be helping raise the kids.
They seem to do a better job than working adults.


File: 1715870600702.mp4 ( 2.6 MB , 714x1280 , 171580310498.mp4 )

Compulsory Teen Parents FTW


Does anyone else think that delayed adulthood/extended adolescence is partly because that lifespans are much longer in general?


I mean they raise the retirement age because lifespans getting longer, so maybe (idk)



Thats a common justification. But I dont think thats the core reason.

But if dalyed adolescence is because of longer life expectancy, then why isnt this applied to animals and plants?

We never refer to newly sexually matured animals/plants as teens.
Even if we were to cultivate them in domestic environmemts allowing a longer life expectancy.


Human lifespan is twelve decades.
Human life expectancy is seven-and-a half decades.

I think extending childhood just because of longer life expectancy is like removing locks on doors just because of zero crime.


Average life expectancy in the US has been going down for several years now.


I thought it was the opposite


It steadily went up from the 1960s up until the 2010s. It went down around the pandemic.


why is evryome blaming the COVID pandemic for social decline?

Social skills, affordability, etc.


I mean it's bizarre because biologically people are hitting puberty earlier than ever.
I think it has to do with societal expectations and young people not having to go through those life milestones as early as before. Which goes hand in hand with technological development.
So correlation =/= causation


File: 1716021806640.png ( 44.99 KB , 440x447 , ClipboardImage.png )

The US has third world tier life expectancy lmfao


Is this true?
I understand GMOs being full of growth hormones but I think pubertal age is kinda misunderstood.


Not blaming COVID for social decline, just saw the correlation. All of these crises are simply the side-effect of how we organize labor as society, in turn influence social relations.


Damn, it's really funny how all those people from systematically disadvantaged backgrounds are thrown into the meat grinder of capitalism against their will. Top-tier comedy.

Death and misery is not good. Is socialism about taking pleasure in human misery or is it about analyzing systems and looking for ways to fix them?

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