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Dr Peter Gray believes that the coercive education system in the US will collapse within a decade (prophesied in 2016):
I would add that kids who enter school today may need to compete for jobs with artificial intelligence. By the time they leave college, assuming the concept of college survives, they will need to face machines that will have already passed the Turing Test (acc. to Ray Kurzweil's prophesy). In the meantime, we force kids to work calligraphy by hand, even if they would rather interact with a touchpad.

The understanding of the power of free learning will build up exponentially. Good memes keep spreading at an ever accelerating rate. Shortly after Gray's prophesy comes true in the US, other nations will follow suit.
The conflict between free learning and passive schooling will inevitably lead to a collapse of the old system. Peter Gray described it in his many essays and books (see: Collapse of coercive systems). I write about this in Compulsory schooling must end. Papert knew about it in 1993. Perhaps the only thing that was hard to predict is that schools would hijack the new technologies only to dish out the old material. In other words, the learntropy of schooling increased, but freedom is an obstinately undying issue.

What follows from imagining a Knowledge Machine is a certainty that School will either change very radically or simply collapse. It is predictable (though still astonishing) that the Education Establishment cannot see farther than using new technologies to do what it has always done in the past, teach the same curriculum. I have suggested that new media radically change the concept of curriculum by demoting its core elements. But I would go further: The possibility of freely exploring worlds of knowledge calls into question the very idea of an administered curriculum

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