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official rule 2 thread>2. Please keep /r9k/-tier >tfw no gf shitposts to one thread. Capitalism is only one of the many, many reasons why you don't have a gf.


how do I sex a leftist qt?


&gt&gt12>Authoritarian leftist qtsBe prepared to get tied up and pegged.>Libertarian leftist qtsBe prepared to deal with polyamory


&gt&gt13>Be prepared to deal with polyamoryactually, that really appeals to me. I would prefer to be in a polyamorous relationship. More freedom that way.


&gt&gt14Guess it would have made more sense that you should prepare to get C U C K E D :^)But I see what you mean. I just don't think I personally would be into polyamory. I barely have enough love in my cold, dead heart for one grill, so the argument that "love is not a scarce resource" that polyamory advocates sometimes use doesn't really apply to me


&gt&gt16I can see what you mean. Mustering up the opposite of apathy (whatever the hell that could possibly be) seems like a herculean deed at times. It might be challenging to maintain interest in several people. Of course, I'm just speculating. I have never been in a polyamorous relationship, nor in a 1v1 relationship that could at all be considered serious.


&gt&gt17I mean, I can at least grok the desire to have multiple, no-strings-attached casual relationships - even if it's NORMIE as fuck as I personally wouldn't opt for that arrangement - without having to worry about anyone having different expectations and getting their feels hurt. But having multiple serious relationships… I don't even know how anyone can manage that. I would very quickly get fed up with having to deal with that if it wouldn't already be a really uncomfortable situation.


&gt&gt16being "cucked" is an illusion created by the false sense of ownership over another individual that bourgeois society has inculcated in youyou aren't being robbed because what you feel was "yours" never belonged to you to begin with


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&gt&gt20Cuckoldry is a Hell of a lot older than capitalism, m8.You could argue that concern about it is patriarchal, part of the superstructure, and so on, and therefore bad.Personally, I think that people who mess around with 3dpd deserve whatever misery they get.


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&gt&gt59I didn't mean to post that image. Got my waifu mixed up with my Hoxhbando.


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&gt&gt20I as a strict monogamist don't think my wife "belongs to me", but what would hurt the most from being cucked was the realization that the relationship is not the unique connection only the two of you had, which was sealed by the promise of accepting only the other one as sexual partner.Also, I just can't believe polyamorous relationship wont lead into an emotional train wreck, but if people think they can manage to avoid this, they should do what makes them happy.


>tfw no big titty goth gf


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Yeah, but it just feels so bad, and also it really does make me constantly reflect how much I suck. Everything feels bad and I don't know how to love, and I don't want to be /dead/ but being alive sucks so hard.


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>seen therapistsm seeing one now>taken different meds, taking some now>gone out, done different things>still unbearably miserable and suicidal, things only getting worsewhat the fuck do i even do anymore


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>>370Make preparations for your inevitable suicide. Put your life in order, do everything you can so that your death doesn't leave that big of an impact on others' lives.


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>study history thinking I might meet so who I could connect to
>everybody only studies it to get different jobs later on
>nobody cares about history
>mfw no qt historiphile gf


Here most history students are right-wingers who think studying history gives them a license to make up shit about the past.


in my country the story about the liberal academia is true. 60% libs and the furtherst right is usually conservative.


sounds nightmarish, yet totally expected


>his country doesn't have a "leftist indoctrination at my uni" hotline


I don't know if this will be of any help, but what helped me was trying to focus on whatever dreams and desires you had left, and trying to go about doing them. I mean what's to lose at this point? Also I feel sunlight helps as well, however cliche that may sound.


So if a man had a child with another woman and expected his wife to take care of it, don't think that would be cucking?
I mean, she shouldn't feel like she owns him and who he reproduces with right?




This never made any sense to me. Children are conceived by a man and woman. They're going to have the most vested interest in caring for them. Also since they're the ones responsible for conceiving them then they're the ones that should have the burden of taking care of them.
Children are huge amounts of work, letting people dump them on the community is just going to create a tragedy of the commons.


>They're going to have the most vested interest in caring for them
motherfucker straight up saying this while most child abuse takes place within families


Lots of child abuse happens because the father is forced out of their children's lives by the state.


Lots of child abuse also happens because the father is not forced out of their children's lives by the state.


There's more of the former then latter. I can tell you're childless. Having your own children changes you. The vast majority of fathers protect their children. The devastating stats on outcomes for children from single mother homes prove it.


how do I get gf?




>I can tell you're childless. Having your own children changes you.
god i fucking hate breeders and their clichéd bullshit


File: 1608528414702.gif ( 234.39 KB , 663x720 , 1602866233865.gif )

>tfw no anarchist friends


>Tfw no far-left friends
>Tfw most of my coworkers are reactionary as fuck, openly proclaiming they voted for my country's far right party
I want to get off this wild ride


seeing that most people do end up going through relationships, does my solitude at least make me unique?


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>learn necormany
>look through obituaries for qties
>visit garveyard in question
>summon qt skeleton GF

shame necromany doesn't work ;_;


im not a necrophilic you sick fuck, i dont wanna screw dead people!
i wanna screw mindless undead minions, big booty bodies brought back to life, re-animated hotties


>he thinks necromancy doesn't work


if you got any books, scriptures or rituals, i would be happy if you share them


did any of you make it?


make what? total destroy?


make it out with qts


File: 1608528428058.jpg ( 49.98 KB , 960x544 , 1543126494309.jpg )

no ;_;


File: 1608528428276.jpg ( 88.29 KB , 1920x1080 , inhell.jpg )

it's been 4 years and things have only gotten worse


is there a guide to getting a postie gf?


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step 1: read deleuze
step 2: go to self-help groups for former drug-addicts
step 3: keep viviting different groups until you find a girl like in pic related
step 4: casually drop deleuze quotes
step 5: ???
step 6: profit


>go to anarchist bookfair
>chat up a qt
>ask her out on a date to the local Chez Dumpster
>take her for a romantic night of destroying an electricity grid substation afterwards to cause cascading infrastructure failure and liberate the city from the shackles of civilization
>she turns out to be an undercover cop
>get sent to a CIA black site


this should be a movie


The feel-good post-left romcom of summer 2021


sub.media already covered it, but with a boyfriend. It's in the second segment of this: https://sub.media/video/trouble-5-you-are-being-watched/


OK maybe I misremembered and they only mention it in passing?


>tfw no cryptofascist gf to convert


secret board
secret board
no gf here
secret board
secret board
secret board
secret board
secret board
secret board


>/dead/ showing up on overboard
it's ogre




I am a new user from reddit.

What is this space for.

How do I get bf for my gf lol.


My toilets is broken so I dug a hole in my backyard and took a shit in broad daylight my neighbors dog started barking at me but I don't think anyone saw me :)


did you get a gf?!


File: 1616884141666.png ( 243.72 KB , 400x400 , ClipboardImage.png )

Yes, I made her a crypto-egoist


I forgot this place existed, lol.

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