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…Hello? Is anyone here?


dead site


I hope so, we should tell the anons on bunker/dead/ to abandon ship


Bitchin'. I like this place's design better, but we need to see about getting our depression filter on here. Color hurts my eyes.


I got a bad feeling we're going to lose a good chunk of our posters in the move. Also, that we won't get any new users because this board is too well hidden and nobody ever mentions it upstairs. We might as well have made 0 again, we're losing people no matter where we go.


Dont really care about not getting new users, but I just want the old users from bunker to move here, like schizonihilist anon, that skull girl guy and etc


Old users wont move cause they are angry as shit because leftypol mods are uneable to implement proper OpSec despite trying to, or so I heard


Bunkerchan on its last legs. Site errors out every 5 minutes. Don't think anyone is staying there for long


File: 1610407005740.jpeg (46.83 KB, 474x651, skeleton_kek.jpeg)

fuck bunker
fuck .org
we'll have our own site within the month
if other people cant handle it i'll throw something up, but it seems like we have some competent and dedicated people


Propose a new monochrome theme and we will implement it here as the default one.


Site is shutting down anyways. I hope the children like >>1872 pull through and make a website.


File: 1610642218543.jpeg (13.21 KB, 474x355, 161056686587.jpeg)

Seeth and cope bitch.


you literally backed up this board when you had the choice you mongs, you're really desperate


shut up fag
if they want to go let them go, although I wouldn't mind if they stayed, it'd be pretty cool too


File: 1617751418062.png (677.27 KB, 707x1000, original.png)



finding posts from numbers, pls ignore
based wvobbly lmao

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