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Capitalism has stolen from us the ability to be our best selves. That much is for certain within the framework of bourgeois society. What I've been pondering is the endgame or tactile convictions of individual reclamation. To me action for the sake of it seems to be a conscious suicide mission. Is this a misinterpretation or am i correct in assuming? I say this as somebody who has become disillusioned with the abilities of agitation in the context of neoliberal society. Never before been a namefag on any iteration of /leftypol/ but thought it'd be worth starting to if i'm now /dead/ inside.


I'm thinking the same, individual reclamation as a praxis seems a dead end or a conscious suicide mission like you said if you are ready to die for it.


Propaganda of the deed plants a seed that never sprouts. At least that's how i feel.


>Our best self
fuck your childish visions of the future! my best self? i am what i am right now, and i will never be better - just like you. what do you even mean by better? better for who? you are already all you can be - you. you might be different at a later date, but you are still you. stop talking about things thats maybe could be under some ideal circumstances! if you wanna do something, do it! thats what being a person is! if you cant do it, what makes you think that youll be able to under conditions that arent even close ro real yet? what you are doing is moving your goals to 'after the revolution', saying that they can only be accomplished then. thats bullshit. you are just trying to justify your own inabillity to reach those goals to yourself. guess what? man the fuck up! either you have the ability to reach them or you dont! if you dont, that doesnt make you any less of an individual - but lying to yourself and wasting your time waiting for a revolution to bring you salvation you are just capitulating!


I'm just being honest with myself. There is no ideal revolution let alone a social one. Fact is most of us won't live to see the end of it. Accepting that is moving on is kind of my point in making this thread. Do you think simply surviving is being your best self? I wish i could be content in living /dead/


> i will never be better
Nonsense. I do not believe you.


Does anybody have any insight or recommended reading related to and along the lines of my thinking? As i stated in OP i just feel lost in ideology. I find no reason to have faith in ML parties. Any real syndicalist praxis is illegal and gets you blacklisted. There's no return to ignorance so what is there for me? Are we individual collectivists or a collectives of individuals? Anything in between seems to be irreverent and irrelevant.




>nything in between seems to be irreverent and irrelevant.
Why is this a bad thing?


>Do you think simply surviving is being your best self?
There is no best self. We exist is individuals with the properties we have, any idea of a 'better self' is just an inmaterial vision of might or ought be. The ideal can never be fully realised because of it's ideal status, ideas can not be transportet into material reality without loosing much of their content simply BECAUSE they are ideal and not material.
There is no better version of ourselves waiting for us to realise it, we simply are what we are.


It's not in itself but to me you are either in it for yourself or for the greater body of like minded. You could directly take revenge against the individuals or systems that wronged you. By doing so you will be made into a caricature. A threat to bourgeois society only in your actions. Rather than the implications of why someone would ever do such things. We have learned all we have and seen all we witnessed just to have no say in the matters of our lives. Will we be vindicated? Maybe so, but we won't be around to find out.

What i meant by "best self" is accessing the tools and resources to find our full potentials. Or in the very least putting mechanisms in place to strive towards our goals. I guess it's hard to come to terms with being lied to my entire childhood. "You can grow up to be whatever you want" what a crock of shit.


It's been awhile, but when looking over this thread i feel like i should clarify what i meant in OP. The things capitalist society directly or indirectly stole from us is our time and energy. Be it the physical exertions of wage labor. The mental distractions of advertising and commodity consumption. The time and energies of everyone are utilized poorly in profit seeking schemes not of our own. Resources wasted instead of used in construction of something truly great. All avenues of our respective daily lives are filled to the brim with these unavoidable obstacles. In attempts to avoid these energy saps to the best of our abilities we no longer participate in society. What does this mean in the grand scheme of post leftism? You tell me because if you're here i am not saying something you do not already know. Obviously, continued existence is a form of resistance. Except only when our beliefs influence or in a way justify actions to ourselves does it create noticeable changes in the mind of a radical.

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