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Anyone else feel empty inside? Right now I'm still sizing myself up too see if I have what it takes to kill myself.




Post more of these awesome pngs op.


My thread is /dead/ and will we all be dead someday.


Reminded me of this absolute banger.


Man, it's a nightmare I tell you wot - last year I spent all of May shoving a shotgun in my mouth and trying to pull it faster than I could think "what if I survive?"

Because last time, years ago, it seemed like a sure thing - I was all ready to die, chemicals attained, and I shoved myself full of them but then I woke up and I have kept waking up since then and it's always horrible. If I survive a bullet somehow, that's even worse - the chances are so slim, 1% or so, but I've fucked everything else up… I seem to beat the odds at fucking everything else up, yeah, is it really so far fetched to think I might "beat the odds" fucking this up?

So I've reverted to chemicals, but now I really don't know what I'm waiting for. Maybe to try and have 1 good day before I end it, which is stupid, it's a waste of time, I shouldn't bother - but I'm bothering anyway, it's a bit dumb.




Depression isn't real if you don't believe in it


if you're living in the west you're going to miss the party after collapse. hope to see you there


Imagine thinking that living through the collapse of a society will be fun for people


maybe not fun, but definitely interesting



God, it sucks every time and if I live to see it I'll be broke again - and old, you know. My capacity to enjoy it if Balkan America even brings back illegal raves will be severely limited, and there's no way I can Mad Max it either.


>It will be just like a movie and have raves
Reddit tier


>a movie

I mean, the Balkans in the '90s had raves. And no, I'm saying it won't be like a movie, dumbass. If I'm lucky I'd be holed up, and realistically I'd be under a bridge or just dying slowly from disease or exposure or sumt. Like it will not be "interesting" for me, that's my point.


Don't do it anon. The world is a beautiful place. Let it fill you with love and cast out that which is nasty and stinky. The shit is almost entirely from humans doing human things, and if humans could just stop doing those things, the world would be pretty awesome. Hell really is other fucking people.

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