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I think some people here maybe already know, about this project of mine with some anarchists friends of my region. So who we are and what are our goals for those who don't know us:
> We are anarchists working on translating some basic anarchist and post-left anarchy works into Portuguese for better accessibility and study.
> We are also thinking in creating a website for sharing our translations and where other anarchists can submit theirs so these works can be freely distributed around.
> If the project succeeds and we gain some attention, we are planning in creating after the quarantine anarchist reading clubs so maybe some anarchist action starts to grow here

Some of the works that we are prioritizing to translate before the Corona-virus epidemic ends:
> Anarchy by Errico Malatesta (Draft for almost all chapters are already done, our estimates for completing it are in about 2 weeks or less)
> Anarchy after Leftism
> The abolition of work
> Toward the creative nothing
> Illegalism why pay for a revolution on the installment plan when you can steal on
> Desert
> Against organizationalism anarchism as both theory and critique of organization
> Post-left anarchy, leaving the left behind

So these are our main ideas and projects, any thoughts on our work?


Sounds cool.


Little update

Anarchy by Malatesta we have only 3 more chapters to be done with it, because of Corona and other personal stuff it will probably take a bit more to release it. But while it isn't ready, we're are working on the translation of "Against organizationalism anarchism", till next weekend it will probably be already translated and revised


File: 1608528394272.pdf (45.26 KB, contra-anarquismo-organiza….pdf)

Well here is our first full translation of Jason MacQuinn's article "Against Organizationalism Anarchism" translated into Portuguese


Good job Granada!


fuck off with post left liberalism
translate alfredo bonnano and conspiracy of cells of fire


He actually does have some interesting stuff to translate. But for now I will translate Frau's essay "The Ideology of Victimization"

Thanks anon


File: 1608528397590.pdf (41.48 KB, a-ideologia-de-vitimizacao.pdf)

Well boys, another translation, and this one is of one of my absolutely favorite writings of Feral Faun. A bloody good critique of idpol in general, just a really good read. The piece is "The Ideology of Victimization". As always, you can share this anywhere you want.




Yeah I know, I submitted my translations there but till now they didn't go through yet. Don't know why exactly, maybe their moderation and checkers are just very slow and offline


File: 1617643531355.pdf (735.98 KB, 67x118, A Anarquia - Errico Malate….pdf)

We've finished translating A Anarquia by Errico Malatesta, take care


Nice. I'm surprised this board is still used.

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