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"Yo, so I don't know who's News Anon, but I see again and again the same problems he's having when posting. Regular issues are: forgetting one "=" -> title doesn't redtext, punctuation problems (see for example the second TL;DR of his latest OP/ED section). Wouldn't a techie be able to help him out? I'm thinking about surface where he could add in the link, the software would try to grab a title (editable, like with Reddit), offers him spellcheck, and finally, generates a copy-pastable output text he just needs to copy… and paste… into OP or into his usual sections.

Also, (again, dunno if he's a vol or not) leftypol.org could offer sub-vol privileges to a select few "news anons", providing access to this feature, and also a kind of on-site calendar where each day could be covered by said official news-anons on a daily basis."


Noticed. Will ask newsanon what they think.
However on the technical side of things, permissions are still quite janky and it's unknown if this is possible at this time.


I have seen these mistakes, and I'll do better to find them before posting. I don't think I need to be given vol status, just a feature that would allow OPs to edit a post. If that feature can be implemented on this site, I remember 8chan had something like that, but I have no idea if that site and this one run on the same software.


I think the whole point would be to lift individual responsibility from you by creating a news team (which you should lead, honestly). Instead of you giving us the news op/eds every 2-3 days we could have a team of 3-7 people using an online calendar to assign each day of the week and the current month to a specific news member. This would mean that we could have a cyclical Daily News & OP/EDs thread posting daily news every day. The news team wouldn't need vol rights, just post editing rights pertaining to the cyclical news thread only. Giving the users a "suggestion box" where they could drop the daily links they deem worthy to include would also ease the burden. Having a "secret" board or an interface for the news team could also help planning on the long run: preparing for significant historical dates in advance (e.g. "Engels died 6131363 years ago this day") or adding new features, e.g. "Communist artist of the week/month," etc.


I am open to a cyclical thread as it would encourage other anons to post news and op/eds from viewpoints I may have missed. However, I don't think a team is needed as the cyclical's regular anons would already serve that purpose of news posts in my absence and correction that I would be able to edit. A suggestion box would be nice.
I would say if vols implement a cyclical news thread to wait after New Year's day so that I can announce it beforehand. I will post the news around 4 est today.

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