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I feel like it has been long enough split apart and there's no real reason to have two boards.
who agrees


They're the ones that shit themselves and ran off lol


when the dramafag jannies fuck up next where do you think the userbase will go?


Nah, the trans jans over there are turning it into getchan 2.0. Their user base will abandon them sooner or later.


Sure I think it would be a good idea. I'm only posting here because org is blocked on the laptop I use


This thread got necrobumped by some retard. It's not gonna happen. We actually believe in principled stances here and the jannies over there think they are judge dread.


Why? What's the harm of two site? Why are the trans jans at .org so obsessed with controlling the last few anons that don't want to be abused by them?


Because they fear legitimate opposition to their power.


I told you about tr00ns man. I fucking told you.


Welp at any rate this is our new (?) home.


These days the .org transhumanist jannies ban people if they won’t simp for Russia and have taken to repeatedly banning anons that criticize them on a whim, those faggots should be shot and anyone that wants to merge the boards is a moron




The real question is and always has been "how do we get them over here?" Though


recent .ogre rapefugee here
do NOT merge back, this is not a split, this is a schism caused by their mod team on purpose


The mod team are also pathetic fucking losers at that
Like, just look at them, they’re a bunch of fucking clown tr00ns that call this meaningless internet drama a “split” as if this is the breakdown of the Second International or something
These people are fucking losers and if I was in their position I would be swinging from the nearest weight-bearing object I could find in an attempt to bring honor back to my family
Imagine being this emotionally invested in modding a fucking imageboard and not seriously contemplating suicide as well


It's pretty pathetic, ngl


I honestly wish the .ogre jannies would fucking die and their entire imageboard would collapse


Based. We can accomplish this.


no thx they accuse anti-Russia posts of being glowies but the entire board is vomiting RT rhetoric, and if you don't gargle it, mods ban you


Leftypol really is degenerating into a shithole of absolute retardation, the mods there are genuinely negative autism score

It’s probably being flooded by fucktards from GenZedong to add onto the moronic edginess
I promise you in a few years, assuming those moron jannies don’t destroy the site yet again, they will try to memory hole them simping for a reactionary imperialist invasion


Maybe this is good, the tr00ns on leftypol will purge any non-fucktard zoomer that refuses to simp for the Putin regime and they will have nowhere to post but here


File: 1648404847507.jpeg ( 364.02 KB , 1977x709 , 9855015A-F56C-4270-A942-3….jpeg )

Fucking kek
.ogre jannies are literally worse than 4chan mods


.org mods are absolutely unhinged and they will ban you for posting literally anything that rustles their jimmies, the rules are there for show because they don't give a fuck about them, they may as well turn the site into a subreddit or a dis.co.rd server now.

No scratch that, people on dis.co.rd actually follow their own rules most of the time.


This, which is why I've been archiving their posts on archive.org


Here is the link the the .ogre Ukraine archive. I've been archiving the thread for a month now, probably some keks aready in there waiting to be found.


.Ogre is currently celebrating online censorship of communists massively accelerating
Just fucking lol


What do you mean? Elaborate.


File: 1652829914163.jpg ( 82.87 KB , 692x758 , Screenshot_20220517-161636….jpg )



Well, welcome friend.


.org mods are worse than 4chan mods.


Caught a 13-week ban on .ogre
These people are utter faggots


File: 1653675203912.jpg ( 33.28 KB , 303x298 , 1652215513792.jpg )

What for anon? Welcome.


I said something mean about China in my thread OP so a bitter mod fabricated the excuse that I was “ban evading”


>The fags at leftypol ban you for posting soyjaks


Was just banned (by Pasquale of course) for arguing that individualizing responsibility for incel pathologies is wrong. I'm not even pro-incel, I just don't think that mental illness is an individual problem. But call an anon out on that for one specific topic and I'm now an "incel spammer". Brilliant.


For the fags at Leftypol, 'incel' is some weird, ascribed notion of what an incel supposedly thinks. It's pure idealism and a faggy cope one at that.

An incel is a guy who can't get laid. That describes the majority of the users of leftypol tbh


only if every last tankie and zigger is purged


I don't even care about what inceldom is defined as. My post didn't violate any rules and was critical of leftists from the left.
Individualizing social problems is what liberals are infamous for doing. But I guess its OK to be a liberal when discussing people we don't like!


Fr though. Incels are to blame for their inceldom.

Anything else is an externalizing cope.

Literally just stand up straight and quit talking with a nasally voice. It's not hard to get laid.




I kind of disagree with this. I mean, to an extent sure, but, you can lead a horse to water, but, you cannot make it drink.

It isn't simple to just undo decades of pathologies and psychologies that have been ingrained in individals through their life experiences and material existence that have lead them to the point of becoming an incel. I manage to be ugly and shit and still get laid from time to time, yet, I still struggle to talk to women. I mostly blame this on not having a father to teach me "how to be a man" so to speak and I mostly hung around females growing up which were all my friends so I never really got skilled at talking to women. It gets easier the more you try though, but, the isolation and loneliness and rejection can be devastating at times. Not to mention I have a pathology for women who will probably end up fucking me over in one way or another.


>It isn't simple to just undo decades of pathologies and psychologies that have been ingrained in individals through their life experiences and material existence that have lead them to the point of becoming an incel.
The science doesn't back you up on this. On the contrary the brain continues to confound neuoscientists with how profoundly plastic it is. It's very possible to resocialize most of these. The instinct to reflexively give up on them is a profoundly liberal. Since they would at least at first be a net negative on the societial output, especially since so many have been conditioned to think it's acceptable to marginalize incel, i.e. low status men that are misanthropic.


I mean yeah ofc it's possible but it isn't easy, anon. It doesn't just happen over night. Understanding you can change and alter the narrative in your mind is not something that people pick up on easily. It took me a long time to realize what my therapist was trying to tell me. A lot of self abuse and self pity before it finally clicked. I lost a very important person to me recently and it was either just get it over with and actually of yourself or just become more stoic and changing my perception about the event and what occurred.

My point being it finally took me getting to that extreme point for it to finally click with me.


In my experience, you can give two de facto incels the same advice.

The guy who takes the advice might not become Chad overnight, but they will definitely improve with women, have more options, etc.

The guy who doesn't will continue to blame everyone but themselves for their problems.

I'm not even sure what incels stand to gain by being 'right,' except the feeling of thinking they are right.

>You're right Mr. Incel. You are not my genetically equal. You are stunted and should be happy that an ubermensch like me is even acknowledging your existence. Happy now?

At that part, they usually come up with even more ways to cope - usually by calling everyone else a simp.

Altogether, they are bitter and egotistical- a very bad combo.

The guys who can get over themselves and try something new (and take advice from sources that have success) have a much more positive mindset, not just when it comes to women but with life in general.


File: 1665747269998.gif ( 2.93 MB , 500x280 , 1665571458355134.gif )

Yeah, but, wouldn't you agree that people don't just "have" these minds sets. They gain them through their upbringing. Depending on where you were raised and how and by who you can turn out an infinite different, but, predictable number of ways.
This will get me canceled , but, it's the reason why a lot of people who grow up in black communities, especially you black men, often turn to crime and selling drugs and adapting the "gangster" aesthetic because their communities are often poor, disenfranchised. and come from broken homes.

On the same coin take a less poor, suburban white kid from a family going through divorce, or, not having a father at all in his life and you will get akward incels who can't communicate with women and who adapt a certain narrative.

Narratives shape a lot of human psychology. You can ask any therapist this. Changing that narrative that you have been telling yourself for decades and decades isn't easy.


I pretty much agree.

Often times, people don't have ideas. Ideas have them.


It just requires therapy and other forms of support. Honestly it's probably one of the easiest societal problems to solve but so much of a class based society hinges on male disposability that even a mild investment in young men is a bridge too far.


Not entirely. The internet and globalization really did a number on most realms of society in which a sort of winner takes all ethos prevails.

Your greatgrandma didn't have a car, let alone a phone, let alone IG and tinder. Her options were very limited, hence the trope of the milkman or repairman sexing lonely housewives was popular.

Female nature, in search of the best of all world's (status, security, and fun), never changed. But society/technology presents women with a lot more options while culture absolves them of almost all responsibility.

Keep in mind, very few mammal species are monogamous. Most zebras are incels too. In some ways, we've returned to a state of nature.


One more thought.

Having this many fighting age men without gfs would have been a social disaster 50 years ago.

But video games, porn, and low testosterone levels seems to have mitigated the worst (?) reprecussions.


This is just looking at the past with rose colored glasses. Sexual relationships in the past were as if not more challenging just in different ways.
Yeah, boomers paired up early but they also have the hightest divorce rates and a host of other problems. The internet made a lot of the post sexual revolution problems worse, but they didn't create them.
There'd still be an incel problem even if Tinder never exisited.


Technologically, these problems have been solved with birth control, abortions, DNA tests, and institutional changes like no fault divorce.

Women generally still desire those three things I mentioned (status, security, fun), to different relative degrees, based on evolutionary psychological programming.

So again, you have a sort of winner take all sexual market place that's been globalized (greatly brought under a single sphere instead of smaller local spheres) through technology and social media, and without the historically defined cultural institutions supporting monogamy, combined with a general culture of simping and muh supporting women.

This sounds like a massive cope and black pill. But it's really not. You can always 'game the system' and 'hack the psychology' and do pretty well.

Black pill/incel guys, as we both agree, have a hard time coming to the point that they realize that they (and only they) can fix their problems to the best of their abilities.


Like Ukraine to Russia, there is no going back.

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