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I feel like it has been long enough split apart and there's no real reason to have two boards.
who agrees


They're the ones that shit themselves and ran off lol


when the dramafag jannies fuck up next where do you think the userbase will go?


Nah, the trans jans over there are turning it into getchan 2.0. Their user base will abandon them sooner or later.


Sure I think it would be a good idea. I'm only posting here because org is blocked on the laptop I use


This thread got necrobumped by some retard. It's not gonna happen. We actually believe in principled stances here and the jannies over there think they are judge dread.


Why? What's the harm of two site? Why are the trans jans at .org so obsessed with controlling the last few anons that don't want to be abused by them?


Because they fear legitimate opposition to their power.


I told you about tr00ns man. I fucking told you.


Welp at any rate this is our new (?) home.


These days the .org transhumanist jannies ban people if they won’t simp for Russia and have taken to repeatedly banning anons that criticize them on a whim, those faggots should be shot and anyone that wants to merge the boards is a moron




The real question is and always has been "how do we get them over here?" Though


recent .ogre rapefugee here
do NOT merge back, this is not a split, this is a schism caused by their mod team on purpose


The mod team are also pathetic fucking losers at that
Like, just look at them, they’re a bunch of fucking clown tr00ns that call this meaningless internet drama a “split” as if this is the breakdown of the Second International or something
These people are fucking losers and if I was in their position I would be swinging from the nearest weight-bearing object I could find in an attempt to bring honor back to my family
Imagine being this emotionally invested in modding a fucking imageboard and not seriously contemplating suicide as well


It's pretty pathetic, ngl


I honestly wish the .ogre jannies would fucking die and their entire imageboard would collapse


Based. We can accomplish this.


no thx they accuse anti-Russia posts of being glowies but the entire board is vomiting RT rhetoric, and if you don't gargle it, mods ban you


Leftypol really is degenerating into a shithole of absolute retardation, the mods there are genuinely negative autism score

It’s probably being flooded by fucktards from GenZedong to add onto the moronic edginess
I promise you in a few years, assuming those moron jannies don’t destroy the site yet again, they will try to memory hole them simping for a reactionary imperialist invasion


Maybe this is good, the tr00ns on leftypol will purge any non-fucktard zoomer that refuses to simp for the Putin regime and they will have nowhere to post but here


File: 1648404847507.jpeg (364.02 KB, 1977x709, 9855015A-F56C-4270-A942-3….jpeg)

Fucking kek
.ogre jannies are literally worse than 4chan mods


.org mods are absolutely unhinged and they will ban you for posting literally anything that rustles their jimmies, the rules are there for show because they don't give a fuck about them, they may as well turn the site into a subreddit or a dis.co.rd server now.

No scratch that, people on dis.co.rd actually follow their own rules most of the time.


This, which is why I've been archiving their posts on archive.org


Here is the link the the .ogre Ukraine archive. I've been archiving the thread for a month now, probably some keks aready in there waiting to be found.


.Ogre is currently celebrating online censorship of communists massively accelerating
Just fucking lol


What do you mean? Elaborate.


File: 1652829914163.jpg (82.87 KB, 692x758, Screenshot_20220517-161636….jpg)



Well, welcome friend.


.org mods are worse than 4chan mods.


Caught a 13-week ban on .ogre
These people are utter faggots


File: 1653675203912.jpg (33.28 KB, 303x298, 1652215513792.jpg)

What for anon? Welcome.


I said something mean about China in my thread OP so a bitter mod fabricated the excuse that I was “ban evading”


>The fags at leftypol ban you for posting soyjaks

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