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And 4chan for that matter; Is .org just the equivalent of a Facebook alternative for leftists? No one at org really accomplishes anything and they just echo their own opinions at one another and the moderation stays nebulous just like on Facebook or reddit and while we're at it 4chaj is pretty much like that for poltards.

People bash us for being smaller but at least our rules are pretty objective and our staff aren't up their own asses. Pleroma and net and other alternative services that aren't glow pilled are much better, imo


Lol. Massive cope here at 5pph. I regret increasing it to 6, but I just want to point out you're coping


Your imageboard is run by a bunch of gender dysphoric mentally ill people, you don’t see it because you are already groomed.


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Coping about what? Not posting on a dying board run by a bunch of mentally ill faggots? I'm good M8. I think this is cope projection.


>still ass chapped by the 5 people that won't post on .ogre.
Many keks.


1. Egoism is correct

2. Racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. are the natural products of millions of years of evolution.

3. Therefore, all the standards of cultural marxism (racism is wrong, sexism is wrong, homophobia is wrong, etc.) are just moral spooks of society, to be disregarded?

Why force yourself to struggle against natural instincts that benefit the propagation of your genes and memes and grant them increased evolutionary fitness?

Race is the product of genetic traits, and extended family, if you will, which means that if you are white, that means that other white people share a greater amount of genes with you than those of other races, so anything that benefits whites over other races is an evolutionary advantage to your genes.

The "realness" of race has little bearing on this:

It works regardless of how you think racial groupings and genetic traits relate to one another.

Regardless of whether the variation of genetic traits within races has any bearing on the fact that racial groups have a different distribution of genetic traits from one another and are, in fact, defined by such differences (the fact remains that even though the circles around the genes which define racial groups are larger than the gap between the circles, you still have to accept that there is a gap betwen the two circles that sets them apart as clearly separate cirlces without significant enough overlap to say that the differences in genetics arent significant enough to qualify them for taxonomic distinction from one another).

Regardless of the changes in racial grouping over time, such as that the fact that now the defined categories are more broad and inclusive of sub-races "ethnicities" than they were in the past (whereas in the past nords and medds would widely be considered as wholly separate categories, today both would call themselves "white", but in either era they would still agree that there is a closer degree of kinship between the two than between either of them and the nubians, and even today the more subtler ethnic distinctions within the races are still present, and even the physical distinctions are still widely acknowledged, and they still have a notable basis in reality, too. Look at pewdiepie, a nord - tall, blonde, blue eyed - then at his wife marzia, a medd - shorter, auburn haired, and olive eyed, and if you encounter a bunch of celts, you can expect a noticably higher incidence of fair skin, freckles, and red hair).

Regardless of any other pseudoscience bullshit you could try to spin to obfuscate the reality.

Even if race isn't a real taxonomic distinction, the fact remains that races do to some degree correlate with the frequency of certain genes within that grouping, and that it's evolutionarily advantageous to demonstrate a preference for those with a greater kinship over those with a lesser degree of it. Hamilton's laws.

From the perspective of Darwin, Mendel, Hamilton, and Dawkins, racism is something we find in newborn babies because of how advantageous it is to our genes, those who lacked the genetic trait of an instinct to racism were of lesser genetic fitness compared to those who had the racist trait.

We also see racism be natural to us in studies were we saw that we naturally show less empathy for the pricking of a hand that was of a different race from our own than we do for the pricking of a and that we would identify as being of our own race. (also note that whites were the best at empathizing with other races, incuding the ones included in the study that didnt exist in real life).

Then there's also the fact that different races possess different distributions of behavioural traits, most notably when looking at political values, self-identified white people were unique in that they have a clear preference for individualism, independance, and personal risk. white people are natural libertarians, while other races all skew towards some degree of socialism.

Sexism is also natural, women are inferior to men in every way, the only thing they offer is their get pregnant with men's sperm and give birth to men's children, in the evolutionary sense, they are non players, they are resources more than they are people. This is most evident in that women tend to demonstrate a noticable lack of identity, they merely adopt the ideas that surround them, they look around to their immediate social consensus and conform. The fact that they are so easily swayed is a sign that their opinion is worthless, another peice of evidence is the obvious gulf in intellect between the sexes, women are meant to get pregnant as soon as tey are able, and then be kept pregnant until they cant bear children anymore, this shows in autism score studies. Women's intelligence raises much faster than men's but the finish line is well before that for men, men on the other hand grow in intellect more slowly, but they make greater gains in it overall. Men have the much higher maximum autism score but take longer to reach it, while women have a much lower autism score limit but get to it earlier in life. Because their role is to get fucked and make babies. They are also adapted to other things, like keeping things clean, as shown by their greater sense of smell and superior color vision, and perhaps tey might as well make dinner while the men are out doing the things that matter, but when it comes down to it, women are a resource to be fought over by men. Their aforementioned social chameleon trait is a good sign of this, so that when one man ills her husband and kids, and carries her off to be his wife, she will not have much trouble adapting to the new environment she now belongs to. Women really fucking suck, they are mentally and physically inferior.

Jews are like bizarro world whites, they have so many qualities in comon with wite people, but in the jew, its all turned directly towards destroying everything, and making it all worse. That seems to be the most defining trait of the jew, that they exist as a force of decay, destruction, and degeneration. They ruin everything and contribute nothing, anything jews are credited as having created or discovered is usually either the product of whites giving credit to other races just to make them look less inferior, or gross plagerism of white acheivements.
For example, Einstein's teory of relativity was never his, and was all come up with by white physicists, he just abused his position as a patent clerk to make the steal, and his fellow jews covered his ass for him so that he could use his "le smart man" position to advbocate for zionism.

Always looking to dominate some position of trust, so they could betray those who trust in them.

uyghurs and other shitskins contribute nothing to the world, anything they've been claimed to have done is either a patent troll, whites giving credit for their accomplishments to those of lesser races, it could also be that whatever was done by the shitskin was of little importance, and likely to be accomplished by whites (and done better) in their absence, or it could be that some historical anomaly occuired and it just happened that a shitskin did something of some merit in some area, though again, a white man would've done it (and a better job of it) if they hadn't.


Holy shit go back


What a retard he thinks stirner is right while also being a fanatical Nazi.

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