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>It appears I've caused some controversy

I don't want to point any fingers, but merely offer a case for a bit of shit poasting..

It wouldn't be an out of character remark for me to say I think the left is a bit stale.

My own opinion is firmly grounded in historical materialism, and I've remarked about it a long effort here:


It didn't garner a response, and that's honestly fine for me.

But I want to point out is two things, I don't think you're a bad person or some political deviant if you're skeptical. (Except the ghey culture/ political identity left, obviously. Fuck those ppl frfr.) I don't demand anyone believe this or else they're a xyz who supports abc.

If you didn't get all the way through my effort poast, I don't blame you. My big takeaway, the tldr, is that you all should 'poast moar.'

Anyone could easily drown out my 'concern trolling' with bumped threads above it.

Surely, there must to talk about for those who feel they've got it figured out. If this is the case, they're certainly morally obligated to be sharing more with us retards.

'Oh, well this is just an image board and it's not that important,' some might reply.

Then why would the same people get so upset at my poasting?

Some people will complain about my frequency of poasting, claiming that I'm continually rambling about 'the same thing' or off topic posts. Certainly, I don't think we should ban people who only talk about Ukraine/Russia, anime, or the 'axis of resistance.' I'm not sure what they mean by off topic, because I've undoubtedly made more references to Lenin, Trotsky, Mao and the like in the recent period than most other poasters

But even then, regardless of whether any of these claims are true, there is a simple solution to that too.

Poast moar. It's not super hard. The mechanics of an image board aren't difficult to figure out. And it's not like every message has to be a 3,000 word formatted blog poast. You have more freedom to talk about what you want compared to other chans. This is the 'fun allowed' leftist chan, remember.

Am I a troll?

In the sense that a troll is anyone that someone else doesn't like on a imageboard, then I guess so.

Am I a concert troll? Apparently, I'm that too. There are a few people who seem to be very adamant about that fact. Some of these people showed up very recently and had some concerns about my ongoing 'concern trolling' campaign, they said repeatedly.

Now granted, I poast some zangy and off the wall shit sometimes. And I do this for two reasons. One, because I support certain ideas, just like everyone else here who is discussing the issue they care to poast on. I like presenting them in unique ways.

I also enjoy encouraging people to think about things in a different, broader way. And humor is one way to do this.

I'm also a somewhat irreverent person. 'Its right to rebel,' and everything.

And that brings me to the second reason I poast: to make this place fun and lively. To create discussions and poasts which capture attention and encourage others to poast.

I'd like to think I have a very positive and inclusive message, one which seeks to uplift and grow leftychood, and even encourages (but doesn't demand) people who disagree with me to poast as to let their case or ideas be known.

I want to mention one final point. There's a debased sort of culture political identity which is at essense fake and ghey. Normally, I wouldn't make a huge issue out of it. I get what it's like to be passionate.

The person sperging out for Russia and the person sperging out against them are both roughly *doing* exactly the same thing: sperging out on leftychan. Their actual existence is pretty similar, but they've managed to magnify a political idea and personally identify why it, to the point where anything that seems threatening that idea is felt as a personal attack and met with an emotional response. This is the psychological basis for people screaming about banning people for imagined fashist wrongthink.

These sort of people, the ones always screaming about fashism everywhere to the exclusion of almost any other topic, are fine. If someone wants to be miserable and flex about how right they think they're ideas are, I won't stop them or demand they be banned for it. But I do think allowing that sort of mentality to dominate leftychan wouldn't be a move for the better. It would restrict discussion in service to people whose own contributions, importance, and even value to the left (if we are to be Leninist about it) is blown way out of proportion, and who actually create little and or talk about nothing other that fashist Boogeyman hiding in their closet.

Just my too sense


I'm not reading all that with your gay ass double-spaced text.




You're a tedious reactionary masquerading as a leftist. You're trolling is just shallow deflection, that's why you're a nnoying, not because you're clever.


I'm not reading all this.

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