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Welcome to Leftychan, the somewhat absurd, leftist, fun allowed, free speech haven.

People always ask, what's the difference between (((Leftypol.org))) and /Leftychan.net/.

To start, leftychan isn't ran by mentally ill transhumanistoid jannies who spend all day deleting wrongthink and banning anyone who isn't a midwit in the cattleft. Weirdo cultural muhleft identity politics are regularly ridiculed here, not enforced with the ruthless intensity of a domestic household queen. Consider leftychan liberated territory from the tyranny of miseryfags. They're still welcome here, of course. Free speech and all.

At the same time, we time to focus on anti-capitalism, Marxism, and historical communist movements – potential political implications to build a better socialist world. Given the free speech natural of an imageboard, the posts may deviate a bit from the standard left, as it's known, and may represent wider hetreodox discussions. It's cozy.

I'm not a mod. Just one anons opinion


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I think this is correct but not enough people are aware of the site. We need to get all the oldfags who fled during the splits back and introduce some of the newfafs.


I am simply here because I have no choice, every other "left-wing" forum is ruled by fools. If anyone can recommend me a better censorship-free forum populated by communists and anarchists, then please do so.


Did you make this term up yourself. It's very apt if you did.

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