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File: 1668063187526.png ( 151.34 KB , 680x545 , 8b647cd18448638dbf67acaf7e….png )


So why did mods let the site get taken over by right-wingers in the name of free speech?


Go back


You go back.


Pasquale misses you


Go back to 4chan.


The deranged child is back


Please make another thread shilling jordan peterson you fucking retard. Lefitst my ass everybody here hasn't read any theory, even the fucking jannies.


so are you gonna spam the whole board with whining threads? mods should ban your ass for spamming


Dude. You're like 20 and think the manifesto is theory. Lol


Agree. Anyone who comes from nowhere, demanding that mods do this and that, should fuck off. Make your own chan or go back to leftypol


>nothing of substance to say at all
Thank-you. Now tell me about how great alex-jones, jordan peterson, and freeze peach is comrade.


>users can't complain, they should just form their own chan
Called free speech you hypocrite.


Alex Jones has higher testosterone than every male member of your family combined


>rightoid comes mask off
Of course lolk.


free speech is great

throwing a tantrum by spamming board is not free speech retard
get fucked


>not free speech
Mod's shit on our feedback and have done nothing, matter of fact you never even fucking post at all on here. Out of touch retard.


Mods aren't obliged to cater to your every whim

but they obliged to ban spam, ie repeated low-effort messages with the same informational content, ie your posts


File: 1668064353506.png ( 151.34 KB , 680x545 , 1668063187526.png )

The funniest part is that he (sorry for misgendering) posts pictures like this while doing the exact opposite:
>Obsessively fixate on polcel threads
>Sperg out about polcel threads
>Reply hundreds of time to polcel threads


>Mods aren't obliged to cater to your every whim
Is asking for some quality control. some fucking effort cattering you retard.
MAGAcommunist faggots have never explained their position, they just fucking spam it.


Aren't you the dude who lied about how often you post last time?
Are we really to believe you didn't just come out if nowhere (i.e., Leftypol), that you're a regular poster here. Lol. Even though you project your own low autism score onto others, for everyone else, you're fairly transparent.
You really do need medication at the very least. Or… Maybe just to clean your room.


Yes, call the mods retards. I'm sure that will sway them to consider your ideas. Lol


>Is asking for some quality control.
You're asking for an echo chamber

Mods CAN'T increase quality of posting. Period.
Only userbase can do this. This is how it has always been on imageboards.

Mods only should deal with bots and spam. Userbase should deal with everything else.


Yeah whats up dog?
You in matrix we talked for hours and the mods fucking said they're fine with all out trolling.


MAGAcommunism is a fucking meme ideology, if you've ever actually looked in one of their threads you'd know, they have no substance.




then make fun of them and ridicule them
make funny memes

just don't whine like a little bitch


Cry harder.
Well mods said don't reply to trolls so I guess I should just sit back if neo-nazis start forming a community on here, like they are.


Literally this
No one cares if you don't like MAGACommunism. Most people here probably agree that it's a retarded meme. But when you repeat the same thing on auto-repeat, it's spam.




Might as well just invite terminally online neo-nazi trolls to set up shop here then.


I like arguing

I argue with MLs, poltards, anarchoids, nazoids, third-worldoids, eurocommunoids, liberoids, ayn-randoids..

and I btfo every. single. one of them
I don't need jannies


oh, and I argue with you
and I btfo you too

business as usual lol


>Terminally online
>Spent 3 consecutive days sperging out about this a few weeks ago


Fucking shitposters galore here.


Says the guy (sorry for misgendering) who popped in from leftypol to seethe


because putin bad so we ok with fascist reactionaries and actual nazi torturer


Are you that zigger who gets BTFO constantly in the Ukraine thread, because he insists upon defending indefensible positions?


it's clearly not working because i see more of their posts here than whatever you believe. winning an argument means jack shit if they just ignore you and continue astroturfing their ideology and drown you out by posting more than you


>wwaaaaa you have to ban things I don't agree with!!!


Then post faster bitch, if you want any leftist spaces to remain on the internet


What did he mean by this?


t. ESL

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